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    I don't know if you'll find a library of ready made Enscape materials but here's a really good library of textures to use in creating Enscape materials, it's only 12 euros a year!

    It's very extensive and most of the materials come with bump, displacement, normal etc maps you can use in Enscape.

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the Link. As we are new to escape, we are looking for a company who sells material pack and consulting services.

    Sam Sth , welcome to our Forum!

    Even for smaller projects we recommend at least the specifications for VR detailed here - Which is an "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070/Quadro RTX 5000 or an AMD equivalent GPU with at least 8GB VRAM", although if you plan to work with larger projects or wish to turn up the Rendering Quality then you may want to get a card from the 3xxx NVIDIA lineup instead if your budget allows, starting with the 3060 going up to the 3090. In your case a 3060 or 3070 would be ideal, even though 2070/2080 will also do its job as long as you either reduce the framerate (hertz), resolution, or/or rendering quality should you experience any performance problems.

    For any other VR relevant questions, let me know anytime or send me a DM and we can discuss anything you want in detail as I happen to own a Quest 2 myself and even small adjustments can often lead to less stuttering and such which is something you would not want often in VR.

    Hi Demian,

    Really appreciate your advice. I have sent you DM.



    Are there any services where I can purchase the best-looking material library for Revit? I am setting up a material library to be used for escape for a live walkthrough and VR demo to the client.

    As I am not experienced in materials, I am trying to find a company where I can purchase materials or who can create best looking materials for me.

    Please let me know if you offer such services or you know the company that makes realistic materials for Revit.



    I am new to GPU and Enscape. I am looking for the best GPU to provide a live walkthrough and maybe a VR experience to the clients in the future.

    I work on a small residential project (sample image attached) which is only around 150MB in size (Revit). Since the size of the project is really small, graphics card memory will not be the main factor to purchase. I am hoping to get the best graphics card for my need.

    Any suggestion will be Welcomed.


    Sample Project I work with: