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    Can you elaborate on what 'cleaning each material' means? How does 'clearning' the material relate to a problem with emissive materials? Tnx

    By "cleaning material" I meant deleting it from the scene library.

    When I deleted all of my emissive materials, suddenly error disappeared. Afterwards I made a new light material, and the error didn't reapear.

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your help, but I have solved it other way.

    First, I have decreased most of the highres texture but it didn't change anything at all (please be aware, that I've been using highres textures since years with Enscape, and there was no problem with it).

    Then, I just cleaned up all the materials in the scene (except 16k HDR as sandbox), and then it worked fine again, so I new it was something with materials.

    After cleaning each material separately, I found out that the problem was with emmisive light materials. Don't know why, but it works fine again.

    Thanks anyway!


    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with the visibility of lights and shadows in the interiors. When doing an animation - the first frame renders reasonably correctly, but when the camera moves away - you can see that the shadow burned in the first shot remains only in the place of the first frame.

    Below I paste 1 frame of the animation and 1 second later.

    Does anyone also have a similar problem?

    Until yesterday, the same scene worked perfectly without this error.

    Thank you, bye!

    It seems to be a driver for Radeon GPU, where can you find the CPU driver?

    I have AMD CPU, but my graphics card is GTX1070.

    Enscape masters, please help.

    Update after 10mins.

    I have installed it anyway, it said after installation: "error 182 - no AMD GPU detected", but you know what? It works on en3.2 now


    I have been using Enscape for Sketchup for many months now, before that I was using 3dsmax + V-ray, so I am quite proficient in dealing with technical issues.

    Nevertheless, today I noticed a bug that I am unable to fix:
    When doing interior room renders - I often use cross sections so that I can "back up" with the camera backwards behind me, as it were.
    The problem is that Sketchup itself understands what I want to do, nevertheless in Enscape - the section plane makes most of the scene disappear (in 3dsmax it was a similar projection of distance in the camera).
    Attached is an image from my monitor that shows both situations at one point.

    Until 2 days ago everything was working as expected. I'll add that I installed the latest version of the GTX 1070Ti drivers - and after that installation I noticed this - but it shouldn't be a problem after all.

    I am asking for urgent help - I am not able to work.

    Thank you all.