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    I have the same issue that enscape export and Sketchup export cannot match in terms of image size in Photoshop.
    We do a lot of after editing with Photoshop after exporting an Enscape, we overlay enscape exports with our Sketchup 2D image exports.
    Views from Enscape always gets cut off or cropped, nothing like the scenes setup in SKP Scenes (two point perspective)

    This is an on-going issue and seems like no one knows how to resolve it.

    They have been telling me turning on Synchronized Views and check "Use view aspect ratio", none of these things are working.
    In older enscape version the views can match perfectly with just turning on Synchronized Views in enscape.

    Not sure what can be done here, it really affects our studio workflow.

    Hi Guys,

    I am using Enscape for quite a bit now and I cannot figure out how to make the enscape export render to match the sketchup export size.

    In Enscape export setting, we have done the following:

    1. We had set the custom export size to be the same as sketchup 2D export size (4000x2056)

    2. Unchecked “use viewport aspect ratio”

    3. Turned on “Synchronize Views”

    But at the end both the enscape and sketchup exports did not match in Photoshop.

    I do a lot of touch up work in Photoshop after exporting.
    Everytime I need to manually stretch the exported image to match to the sketchup 2D exported image in Photoshop.

    This really affect the use of enscape and we had used the older versions and we never had encounter a problem like this.

    Does anyone have a solution? If there is any guidelines that would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks so much!!