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    Thanks for the help everyone. I will reduce the size first, I don't need the whole model. However it will come down to me getting it into ArchiCAD or Enscape to create the view as it is all I have to work with.

    I am going to look into Blender now and see if it will be viable. When it comes to ArchiCAD and importing external models it is always a mission.

    No I have not, I am worried about loss of detail, only in Manhattan. One solution I though about was cutting down the size on 3DS (Brooklyn, Bronx, Qeeuns, greater NY), but I think it would still be in the millions so the problem would still persist.

    Hi all,

    I have a project in NY and we need to do some view analysis via rendering from our building to the Manhattan skyline. However the model (.fbx) we have of the city is 40x40km and contains over 5mil polygons (low poly model). I know that Enscape suggest no larger than 20k models should be imported but does anyone have any experience, tips or even know if it can be done?

    The alternative would be to import it direct into ArchiCAD but I don't believe ArchiCAD supports the FBX files. At least not with my experience.

    A picture of the city model, native in cinema4d.