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    Hi lexiko80,

    If you try and make a copy of the file with FIle>SaveAs and Uncheck the box "Save plugin data" are you able to see the geometry?

    We're experiencing a similar issue and have an an open ticket with Enscape but it's not resolved yet. What we've observed is that any model content created in Rhino 7 with Enscape plugin data will not render in Rhino 8.

    Hope that's helpful at least.

    Basic Compatibility issues between Rhino 7 & 8 files.

    Let me start by saying, I'm not sure why paying customers have to do so much basic testing to make the Rhino implementation better. Enscape 4.0 compatibility issues with Rhino 7 & 8 have been quite a disappointment. I know the Rhino API is complex but that's the product choice so manage it. The SDK is frozen between major releases and there have been 10 releases of Enscape 4.0 including previews, without solving this basic compatibility issue.

    The issue here is that Rhino 7 files are incompatible with Rhino 8 when using Enscape. This is detrimental for ALL customers transitioning from Rhino 7 to 8 and expecting Enscape to perform similarly.

    For example this simple Rhino 7 file with a single Enscape Oak Tree Asset

    Rhino 8 Left (with a Rhino 7 file open) and Rhino 7 Right (with the original file open)

    When the similar Rhino 8 asset is placed, the object details clearly show the only difference between the Rhino 8 asset and the Rhino 7 asset is the Block GUID. If this was the same across both would Rhino 8 open and render Rhino 7 files?

    Rhino files have always been able to be down saved and older files have always opened in newer versions of Rhino teams don't just throw away Rhino 7 models and start re-modeling their projects in 8. I'm aware saving Rhino 7 files without the Plugin Data will allow the geometry to preview but this is not a solution when all the work of texturing and asset placement in Rhino 7 is lost in Rhino 8.

    At least help me understand why Rhino 7 files aren't compatible with Rhino 8 after 10 releases of 4.0? I've already sent this issue directly through the support button with my logs. My hope is that other community members may have found a solution to this critical issue.

    From what I can tell Enscape for Revit uses a Type Parameter called "EnscapeAssetId" to determine which proxy to render (see attached screenshot).

    If there was a way for us to determine this EnscapeAssetId from Rhino that should be enough to recreate the type along with the parameters in Rhino.Inside.Revit. However when you look at the Object Details (see second screenshot) same asset in Rhino the "EnscapeAssetId" is not avaliable as an attribute..

    Is there a way to find the "EnscapeAssetId" equivalent in Rhino or are the Asset Ids GUIDs different across Rhino and Revit?