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    5D video seems interesting. we will continue to watch

    Certainly there are also some options for Enscape for the future.

    But I hope for Enscape to remain faithful to the handling and the intelligent architecture.

    Sometimes I wonder and ask myself, am I really an architect and designer or just now

    program-expert, who believed to be an architect + designer. (just joking)

    I am a little confused

    do you mean here "customer background images" as an example in the sketchup.

    I can't do anything in the Skybox I know. But if I use my own background pictures, I have options.

    Before I used Enscape in another rendering program. The background image in the skybox could be made as a perspective or

    distorted in all forms, zooming etc. You could use directly the pictures from camera .

    I miss that, and was easier to work.

    I always take photos all around and the clients could see their own surroundings as background image.

    There were no work experiments in the sketchup (background image).

    I hope one day to be able to set "vertical and horizontal" at least.

    But still Esncape is much better8o

    Quote from Egie

    ....... I have no idea where they are stored or how to share these.

    I don`t know either, but I do not think it's important because you can put in "Save to Filet" or you can find it in "Load Presets"

    At the same time I save some settings under the name for example:

    bathroom or kitchen, etc. as a neutral setting in a folder. So I do not have to start all over again

    ....Also, assigning presets to SkUp scenes doesn't work automatically

    I think so too

    ...... And a last stupid question from me: Does any Enscape window show me which Enscape preset is currently activated?

    That would be a wish for version 2.7 or earlier..?

    You always have to reload when you start in "Load Presets" I don`t see any other possibility


    I do it like this: Sketchup Pro 2019 setting

    When the new project is done in Sketchup

    1.) Start the Enscape

    2.) if an old settings still exists but you do not love it: I open "Visual Settings"

    (Presets - Load Presets ---- Load Presets (default) ------ Click to the top, "Default Settings")

    3.) now I make the new settings in "Visual Settings:

    (Rendering, Image, Atmosphere including for example" Skybox "and Capture)

    4.) then save under a name. for example: Sene 1

    (Presets --- Save Presets ---- Save to (default) ---- Scene1)

    5.) sometimes I save several scene with different skybox with different brightnesses of the lights, scene "outlines" or

    or ... etc.

    6.) If I would like to have this setting for another PC. I save under:

    (Presets - Save Presets ---- Save to Filet) ------for example : Scene1

    7.) Attention very important

    Sun and Time can only be saved as scenes in "Enscape. "Creative View".

    But as a sketchup scene does not work with sun and time !!

    If anyone has any other knowledge, please tell us how you do it



    Simply go into your "General Settings" -> "Settings Management" -> "Legacy Import". Here you'll have all the old settings files available. Now you can just click on any file and then "Import". Hope this helps. ;)

    should not open a folder, after that? to import, somewhere.

    Nothing happens to me.