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    I will up you one... I loathe the idea of enscape being a standalone like the others. The reason I use it is because it is NOT a standalone. By being imbedded in the skp modeling process it becomes a DESIGN tool.. not a rendering tool. If I need a perfect rendering I can send it off to be final rendered. I want a DESIGN tool and switching between programs is the antithesis of that.

    This is how I use Enscape ... a design tool.

    I have been using Enscape with REVIT for approximately 1 year and Enscape is doing exactly what I need to convey the designs to my clients. Even in "White Mode", my clients are able to visualize their design without the need to try and guess what it going to look like.

    My people cannot "see in 3D" like we designers can and find it very hard to visualize the design from a 2D plan; this is where Enscape comes into play. It is easy to use, navigate and see changes instantly. My entire design workflow has changed to where the client has to approve the 3D model and the 2D construction drawings are just a part of the final product.

    I have also looked at other programs that create better renders, have better assets and make it look real. However, it comes at a cost -- "TIME".

    I'm hoping that CHAOS will take Enscape to the next level in the future to match the other programs, The main reason why I started with, and sticking with Enscape, is the ease of use.