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    I rely on presets a LOT when working; I have a different preset for almost every view because of the nature of my projects. In the previous version it was super helpful for the name of the preset to be visible at the top of the settings tab, and it was very easy to overwrite settings or switch between presets. The process seems convoluted now. How do I know which preset I'm using? There are so many more steps now to overwrite or switch. I'm wondering if this could be simplified again.

    Demian Gutberlet Great! Thanks for your response. I'm looking forward to the new feature.

    Gadget thanks! - this changed the sharpness slightly but not enough to be significant in this case.

    FYI for other users in the meantime - my workaround was to take two renderings - one with the tree and one with the tree hidden. In Photoshop I isolated the tree's shadow and blurred it, then layered it onto the other render.


    I upgraded Enscape recently to the most recent version. I'm not sure if the settings reverted back to a default state or if something is different with the new version. In the previous version the shadows were soft and diffused. After I upgraded the shadows are now harsh, sharp, and dark. Are there settings to change this?

    Thank you!