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    Hi ! :)

    I don't see the reason why this material auto-selection has been removed. This doesn't go with convenience or time saving.

    This is even more annoying on large scale projects. With my designers team, we notice that in the end, all of these useless extra clicks to select materials really created a consequent waste of time.

    I really hope they can fix it back.

    Or at least, give the users the possibility to fix it by ourselves.

    Hi !

    I have just bought the Asus TUF 17" with a ryzen 7 and rtx 3070 for only 1750$.
    You can easily upgrade the SSD and RAM.

    It's ultra portable and perfect to run all of these software and in terms of price.

    I'm also surprised about how cool it remains when I'm working on heavy 3D models.

    In addition to that, it can run all of the latest video games at max settings (Cyberpunk, Forza Horizon) in 60fps !