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    Using the new Enscape 3.0 version in Rhino 7, I don't seem to be able to get the sun positions saved with the views. When I restore a view, only the position of the camera is updated.

    Also, I like that the view management is now in Enscape. However, it seems strange that the only way to delete or edit the viewpoint in an already saved view is to go back to Rhino and adjust or delete the corresponding Named View. Are there plans to have this function within Enscape in the future?

    A workaround is not changing the time off the day in enscape but with the rhino _Sun command, there you can export your sun settings as json.

    But would definitely be great to be able to save it inside enscape or at least be able to lock the sun inside enscape

    Welcome to our forum, thanks for your feedback which I've gladly forwarded! ;) You're not the first to request this, but at the moment there is nothing else I can share so far. I'll let you know when this changes!

    Hey Demian, do you have any news when this feature will be integrated?

    Vray is slowly catching up in realtime and assets and since those the enscape assets don't work in vray their grasshopper plugin really makes me consider switching back completely