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    I've come here again after trying out different solutions regarding the "shadow burns" or "creepy shadows" when exporting a video in enscape 3.5

    I have tried:

    -enabling/disabling features (nvidia denoise, dlss, ray tracing, etc.) the shadow burns still there, but it is very minimal when all the features are ?????? ???.

    -downgrading to enscape 3.4.4 (the shadow burns still there, but all gone when all features are ?????? ??? including raytracing, so the quality is not best)

    -everything that is stated by other enscape users in this thread

    What I have found out:

    -the shadow burns only visible when inside an interior space that has windows (sunlight or HDRI light that can pass through)

    -the shadows burns were gone when I rendered a room that has ?? windows (?? sunlight or HDRI light that pass through)

    Attached here are video examples of what I have stated.

    SketchUp 2023

    GPU: RTX 4060 (Nvidia Studio Driver)