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    It seems like that behaviour it's gone (for the moment) . I will provide a report next time.


    Have you got the sync enabled on the enscape tool bar?

    Yes it is enabled. I had to load again the texture in Enscape so I can see it. As for the green plaster , usually when I changed the color in Sketchup I was able to see it in Enscape but this time I had to fade out the texture in Enscape to see the colour from Sketchup.


    I've upgraded to V4 .

    I can not edit materials like before.

    1.If I change the color of the material in Sketchup I can not see the changes in enscape

    2. I tried to play with a texture in the roughness slot darker or brighter but the texture is not displayed and the slider doesn't have any affect on the material

    No :( . I will try it .

    Meanwhile I discovered the problem (I think so). some of the spot lights were intersecting emissive materials.



    I have a problem rendering a bedroom (it is the only room in the project that behaves this way) - the image is full of white light spots. The preview is very fine but the final render not.

    Anyone knows what's causing this ?




    Is it possible to transfer the license to another machine without revoking on the first one? My motherboard "died" (I've already sent it in service) and I am not able to boot the computer . I've managed to move the system drive on other computer everything works fine but I do not know how to move the license of enscape.

    Same here

    Sketchup 2022 Pro

    Enscape 3.3

    Next job I will submit an error report .