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    Marshallae - How did you start to use VW2023 - did you migrate your settings from 2022? I'm wondering if you have to bring Enscape in all over again. Tools > Third Party > Enscape > Add Enscape to your Workspace. Do you have the AUS version by chance?

    Themeda I believe it works.

    I migrated my preferences and workspace from VW 2022 into 2023, so Enscape was sitting there (empty). Today, when I downloaded the most recent version of Enscape, then opened VW, it appeared properly (for once).

    I went through all the Enscape settings and features and (so far) it seems to work. I tested a few renderings and a video. I admit I'm 'holding my breath' until I test it further.

    I'm sorry I have no answer to your question.

    Okay - well that last two hours didn't go well... SP1 is now out. I installed it, so I have a standard install of VW2023 (in the default folder etc) which now has SP1 applied. The Enscape Tool Set has a row of red crosses, so I go to Tools>third Party and I get this:- "EnscapeWorkspaceIntegrationMenuItem not in Plug-ins folder". So I then uninstall Enscape and reinstall - same thing. I then uninstall VW2023 as well and reinstall everything step-by-step with reboots inbetween - same thing. So I *then* go to the VW2023 Plug-Ins folder to check, and lo and behold - no Enscape folder. I copy the one from the VW2022 Plug-Ins folder (which of course is a new folder thanks to the reinstall), but when I start up VW2023 I get an error message saying "EnscapeVectorworksPluginHost2022 not compatible with this version of Vectorwaorks".

    So... what's going on here fellas and how do I get my now-a-few-weeks-old VW2023 working with Enscape?

    As Phil said,

    Let's get this fixed already....please.

    What? Are you kidding me? I love Enscape, and I love Vectorworks. What could have changed in the program coding, so the two don't currently work together? I don't understand computer coding, but how could this even happen? I've been using Enscape for just less than two years - successfully! It's great and so easy to use with Vectorworks.

    I'm so puzzled. Please, SP1 come quickly already.