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    If you're talking about their "Realskies", this is 100% identical to going to and picking a skybox. They just ship it with the product, but it's still not animated. It is technically not impossible to play-back 360° HDRI videos of a sky, but it's challenging.

    Yes Lumion Realskies is just a HDRI image, even they're very nicely integrated, maybe something to consider.

    But their generated skies are quite nice too, which gives some advantages when it comes to animations.

    I have used Lumion, but like Enscape a lot and I'm sure you're doing a big and good job to implement as many features as possible within the resources you have. Maybe just more variety to the clouds can do the trick? Like PowerTower said, the "repetitive shapes" of the clouds makes the sky look off compared to what's Enscape is capable of.

    Reality-captured HDRIs have of course the best quality since they are as close to real as it gets. You can get many of them for free at sources like those:

    Animated, reality captured HDRI skies are a challenging topic. It's a bit unlikely that this will happen soon. There are also more realistic approaches to cloud rendering (like the one from Vue) but they are very far away from real time, when we talk about animations etc.

    I can only imagine it's a difficult task, but e.g. Lumion seems to have found a way if I'm not wrong!?

    The clouds especially looks to fake, and using a HDRI is in my opinion necessary.

    But when making a animation it would be just beautiful with a more realistic sky so you can show the changing shadows on the buildings when the sun moves across the sky.

    Different presets could be a nice feature to speed up the process :)

    Just want to vote for this feature... just came from Enscape for Sketchup - and the lack of an intuitive material editor for Enscape in Archicad is killing me :/