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    VW Design suite +Enscape here. Moved to VW from Bentley Architecture and Acad years ago, since VW is widely used in Japan.

    Have found that VW is quite flexible for CDS and BOM, with Enscape those capabilities have become even better.

    The reason to opt for VW instead of Archicad or Revit was cost, for a small outfit such as ours it was a good fit.

    Now I am using VW to export .obj files for CFD simulations and thermal bridge calculations, no issues again.


    Hi all

    I have been using Enscape for a while, now using it with Vectorworks the video editor button is greyed out (cannot be used) in some drawings but it is fine in newly created drawings.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? I could use the video editor without any issues in v2.9 with VW2021 and 2022.

    Thanks for any suggestions.