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    Not bad. Definitely not as smooth as the Rift, but it wouldn't be noticeable to someone who only uses it occasionally. The Go controller is a little touchy, and shows up as a Vive controller for some reason. Seems to be a common issue with SteamVR.

    I was monitoring bandwidth, and it stayed around 40mb/s while i was moving around. A little high, but expected.

    I'll add in more textures & Revit models and see how it affects performance. I was only rendering 2 models for this one, where for a full rendering we'll have 5-6.

    I was able to get this to work following carcar's method. Download and install Steam and SteamVR, and download ALVR per this LINK.

    I used THIS youtube video for a walkthrough.

    I also added Enscape and Revit to Steam's game library by going to "Games" at the top, then "Add a non-Steam game to my library, and selecting the Enscape .exe. Make sure to activate VR mode in Enscape. Took me a while to realize this is what i was doing wrong.