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    Has anyone had any luck trying to implement/create a link to your escape model to be viewed without the live link?

    Have been trying to run my Enscape models on Quest 2 without using the link cable but it's very difficult to find information on this unless it's gaming related.



    I've spent quite a bit of time in the past running our Rhino or Revit models through Enscape to be able to access the VR headset ( HTC or Oculus) but with the Quest 2 I'm running into more issues than ever before. I realize much of it has to do with bandwidth that the VR is asking for when running live models so I was wondering if the Enscape Team had any plans to develop an oculus app where we could host our models for easier viewing?

    Is there a cloud-based platform in general where we could host our 3d exports so anyone could view them through their VR without having to link to a PC? Tough to require others to have a VR ready laptop/desktop to be able to view our work. Would be fantastic to have a VRChat / AltspaceVR like setting where we could upload our Enscape Walkthroughs we could share with anyone.