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    All companies were small at the beginning - but they had environment to grow and create new quality for everyone. Will the world controlled by big players be better environment for them nowadays - who knows. Digital market got definitely more commercialized and profitable than decade or two before and old pioneering times of big choice of free/accessible software like Sketchup are gone.

    Everyone is looking for profits - this is nothing new. Problem is when industry is consolidated in hands of few big global players who then can dictate prices and conditions for millions of customers. Vray, Enscape3D and Corona got into hands of TA Associates - private equity group:…sociates-and-lea-partners

    Some people have a big trust in global corporations and love to be their customers having same software, same media, same cloths or same food all around the world - Europe, Asia, Africa or America. I have a trust in small personal enterprises and believe real value is in individuals, not masses. Pity small personal enterprises can't successfully survive even five years (Enscape was founded in 2017) without being assimilated by global players.

    So that is why you stopped issuing education licences 2 months ago?

    I presume this was the best sign that good old times of cheap and affordable Enscape are gone :((

    Anyways - it is your business, our business now is to find your replacement like we did already years ago with VRay.