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    Everytime that I do the upgrade from new nvidia driver ENSACPE is flickering.

    As of now I have to uncheck these:

    Hardware ray tracing

    Ans sun shadows

    Is it normal to have to do that?

    Or there is an issue with the driver?

    Given this, the only 3.5 feature that am excited about is the hidden edges for assets in Revit, which in all honesty is almost entirely a Revit feature (plugins only needed to change a few lines of code to take advantage of this new Revit feature). I know because I made a plugin that does something similar to the Enscape assets, and it only took me two lines of code to turn my triangulated assets into non-triangulated assets.

    Brutally honest: if 3.5 didn't have those two lines of code for hidden triangulation of assets, I don't think I would consider upgrading.

    OH YEAH !!!

    The hidden triangulation is working for me with Revit 2024 and Enscape preview 17. But it only works for newly loaded assets in projects. It will not work for example when you upgrade a project that has assets in them that were placed with Enscape 3.4. That's not an Enscape limitation but a Revit one though.

    not for me @ the office

    we have REVIT 2022

    I will try @ home with REVIT 2024

    Does this new version support the 'hidden triangulation edges on Enscape assets in Revit 2023' that was added with Enscape 3.5 preview1?

    I am using 3.5 preview 17 in REVIT 2024 .... and it is not showing yet the 'hidden triangulation edges on Enscape assets'

    when this feature will be available ?

    or now is off the radar?

    If you can see all the assets in the projects as showed in the image it would look much better, cleaner

    jardila15 , Arno , shotokan , just FYI: Our latest preview 17 just released and includes Revit 2024 support already!

    Since our previews are not production proven you can wait until release 3.5 coming rather soon which will include compatibility too if you're working on some important projects during a deadline for example, but if you have a chance to try the preview feel free to do so and report back in case you experience any problems. You can always acquire our latest preview here.

    Thanks, it is working, slowly, flickering.... a lot

    I have to check out if it is because the latest nvidia driver 531.68

    it is taking more time than usual to render


    Can you please let us know when is Enscape going to be ready for Revit 2024? It is a little frustrating that it takes so long for Enscape to be ready when a new Revit version comes out.

    Thank you


    in the next 4 weeks,... or a month,.... or two, ..... or more ....

    every week they add one more week for the release... :thumbsup:

    revit materials with images do not render in enscape. there seems to be a problem with the image path.

    In general everything works as it should @ my end.

    All these elements are REVIT families.


    Maybe these issues that you described are because a wrongful installation from your part.

    The only problem I found so far is when trying to open a very complex project with lots and lots of trees. It not open, just keeps loading and saying that my nvidia card is not the primary gpu, blah blah

    Nevertheless lets wait for the “REAL DEAL” Version 3.5

    found this on youtube:

    For anyone that want to have enscape in revit 2024 before its officially supported, just simply copy the 0_Enscape.addin inside C:\user\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2023 (from earlier version of revit) to C:\user\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2024 (the plugin folder for revit 2024).

    it works but it does not render toposolids and objects with cutouts correctly.


    it is working perfectly for me.

    including toposolids and cutouts.

    you need to post an image to understand exactly where you want to insert those elements.

    (I am working with REVIT) you can create some families and apply a "movie" material.

    then you will get the effect (maybe) you are looking for

    take a look @ the TV, fire and moving water..... all elements are in 3D

    ENSCAPE M.mp4

    is there a way to get less height in the material editor?

    take a look @ the example

    0.0 or 0.1 is too tall

    is there a way to show carpet less tall?

    the only way I found to show better image was lowering down the family by 1"

    (just for the image)

    but that is not good when you are going around with an image or a video walkthrough

    look down @ the rug: .... so bad

    couple of the latest updates of nvidia geforce game ready driver have blocked enscape.

    when I open enscape the computer freezes, nothing can be done, just turn it off with the external button.

    I had to reinstall an old version of NVIDIA GEFORCE to keep it working normally

    Do any of you know what's going on?