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    right, it is working

    projects are loading.... but it's taking more time than usual .... stays stuck thinking a little more than necessary

    until today the past versions loaded the projects much faster

    anyhow keep the amazing good work. LOVE ENSCAPE.

    The reflections in the mirrors are not accurate or correct

    does not show the elements that are between the windows and the mirror

    the reflection is wrong

    the same thing is happening in all the mirrors

    it is showing an empty clear reflection

    it should be showing this

    (this is the opposite side of the mirror)

    look @ the curtains, furniture... all disappeared

    or this one showing an empty box

    no trees, no window frame, no furniture

    it should be like this

    (opposite side of the mirror)

    it is like randomly is showing few/none of elements but not all

    short answer: you can't

    I mean you can link it but if you want perfect colors and materials then ...

    long one: you need to export sketchup into revit

    you can use this HELIX

    for that matter

    or something similar

    but it does not work linking directly from sketchup to revit

    you can do it from either one of them , but not together

    for a still image it will take a couple of seconds to insert something into it with photoshop

    but if the idea is to get a video with an element in color and the background white

    maybe ... you need to make a copy of your model and set all colors to white except the ones you want to be colorful

    I'm just asking to know if enscape doesn't read these assets and only accepts its own elements

    if I insert the enscape cars it looks good anyway

    the question is more to know why you see people and plants from archvision in general but not cars?

    any way works for me.

    it's just a question to know why they don't show

    I'm really not interested in contacting archvision. what for?

    I AM SO SORRY 8o

    IT WAS MY BAD !!


    I just had to reinstall windows and everything because some other stuff not related to ENSCAPE


    and with the new release for REVIT 2023

    WOW !!!

    There were several bad issues that were showing in my projects , but now almost all of them are showing perfectly :):thumbsup:


    keep amazing !!



    at the end I went again with 3.3

    with small models it's ok.

    the problem is with big projects full of "stuff"

    *** to "fix" the issue my own way I went from ULTRA HD to FULL HD

    and from 120 fps to 60 fps

    also I clicked in the ALWAYS IGNORE THIS ERROR

    (not too smart, but what's the alternative? right?)

    at least is been working :)


    let me ask you another question:

    is enscape planning to introduce walking and moving people in the future?

    it would be nice, no just still people

    Thanks but I already went back to 3.2

    I have no way to show you that

    I don't have time to try to install 3.3 and then reinstall 3.2 again


    (I will try when I get free of work)

    this is happening everytime I'm trying to make a video

    and enscape crashes

    never happened with any other version before

    I have a great GPU RTX 2808 up to date

    I have been using 3.2 for all projects without any problem.

    large and complicated projects.

    long videos full of things

    I installed 3.3 and it's bad

    I finally had to go back to 3.2

    and now it's working perfectly again

    Thanks Phil Read

    you know what did the trick for most of the "everything" ?

    I just changed the color of the paint from flat/matte to Eggshell

    so in general everything looks good, only a couple of zig zags in corners, but good.