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    I would really appreciate that Demian Gutberlet , thank you for making the effort on my feedback. I downloaded the laubwerk plugin yesterday very excited to use it with sketchup and enscape since enscape is the only renderer I use and know how to use, only to find out it doesn't work. Was just frustrating... I hope you guys see the importance of this soon because Laubwerk is a big deal for designers like myself looking to incorporate a landscape into their building designs.

    3..... YEARS....... LATER.... Seriously, Enscape, get with the times. Do you guys realize how long 3 years is? There is probably no better plant plugin for Sketchup users and it's 3 years later and still no plans even of when you'll include this for Enscape. Either the Enscape team is too small to handle demand for their product, or you guys don't see the right priorities, or you don't care? Is it all of the above? 3 years is a long, long time to not consider adding support for the best plant extension available in Sketchup and many other design applications.... I don't get it.

    Hi Demian Gutberlet , this feature to take sketchup objects (components or groups) and export them to create a proxie of the object, was asked for some time ago and has been disucssed a few times now.

    I'm wondering why it seems that there is a disconnect for the Enscape team to see the value in this and prioritize it? Vray for example offers this feature to export sketchup objects into proxies. Sketchup is the best conceptual design program available, when using sketchup pro with the available plugins, I think there's no denying that.

    Because of this, there are a TON of landscape designers that use Sketchup and require the use of proxies for large landscape models. This is one of the most important features to have with Enscape or any rendering software when it comes to Sketchup to Enscape rendering capabilities. I would love to see you guys realize how important this is and develop it, I don't think there is much research that needs to be done here in regards to determining if this is a useful feature or not, I think it speaks for itself really, it's quite clear. I hope there are plans to get this done next year.