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    daniel very impressive work!

    A lot of users have brought up the same point and I think the team is very aware of the importance of having a good asset workflow (including the ability to make our own). 2.4 made a huge jump in that regard as there is now a platform (asset library) that allow us to bring in assets. In the next versions we will hopefully get custom assets and more functionality overall with respect to assets (my personal favorite: conceptual people a.k.a. flat face-me silhouettes a.ka. billboards).

    Hey Pieter! As for conceptual people, I've come up with a solution that I think work's best, without losing performance. There actually is a pack of low poly people, from Cubebrush I think, that might look awesome for that matter. Here is a screenshot of how they look like in 3ds MAX viewport and another one showing the size of the collection. As soon as I have some time I'll convert some of them to Revit, to give it a try. My main idea is to leave them all white or another greyish color. One thing a hate is 3d people in Viz. They just look so unnatural! hhehehe

    Hi Daniel Morato , I am also start this Enscape, But still try to learn new thing, I am just wondering that how you can fix UVX map of chairs under Camera 05 view. If you can help me that how to create Revit library, This can really help me alot.

    He Deepak, canera 05 was done in 3ds max + Corona Renderer. It's the kind of stuff I feel Enscape is missing right now. As for Revit library, I tend to create my own families, exporting from my previous 3ds MAX models. for that you need to ProOptimize the models to less than 32 thousand polys, export it as a 2007 DWG, separate all the materials in diferent layers in AutoCAD an then import it as a REVIT family. It sound complicated but actually is really easy to do. Another option is to buy an Archvision subscription and use the custom 3d+ model maker that it's part of the plugin. Hope it helps!

    Hello all!

    This is my first try in Enscape, I'm using it in REVIT, developing a design I'm working on here in the office. As all rendering engines, there are some stuff to love and some to hate.

    I love how simplistic Enscape is, directly inside Revit, without the need of any adjustments (I'm a MAX + Vray user, so I'm learned 3d tweaking lots of parameters). The fact you can export the .EXE file is a huge bonus for me, since it's something almost no other render engine does.

    The polygon number limitation for revit families really turns me down and Archvision RPC is just so much time consuming and expensive (to create custom 3d+ RPCs an active subscription is needed)!

    The main thing is: I can get around no displacement. I can get around low poly trees and entourage. But that's no way I can get around no small entourage and details in interior renderings. I'm not shure if it's actually possible to export from REVIT to SketchUp without making the program so sluggish so I could export my 3ds MAX blocks to sketchup and detail de interior renderings... I'm attaching 1 rendering I done in Corona rendering from the interior, just for you guys to understand the kind of props I'm looking for. Would be really nice to know when we will be able to import our on models in the library as proxys.