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    Is it possible to make the right thumb for rotate the view? Before the need to use SteamVr, only the oculus software and airlink, the right tumb was for rotating the view. Now the user must rotate his body/head to turn around.

    Try to change to seated not fly mode, and this should work, to rotate the view with your thumb ;)

    Given what is possible with exporting both a web viewer and a standalone EXE, why isn't there an ability to bake in textures/lighting in enscape (unreal engine style) and then export a standalone file to the Quest 2 to open in some kind of enscape viewer?

    Put yourselves in the shoes of someone running a presentation. It's much more powerful to just hand the headset to someone for them to explore the model, than it is to bust out a laptop, fire up the model, fire up enscape, ensure Steam is running, troubleshoot any connection issues, etc etc. Especially if your revit model is on BIM360 and you have to prep/download/etc before you leave. It's the killer app we're all waiting for! Other coordination packages do it, but it's really basic on the viz side - Enscape is so good on the viz side, but it's missing this one feature that would make it the defacto standard for tethered and untethered viewing.

    That would be awesome, have the same problems with the presentations.