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    In Revit you can set a model hatch (not a drafting hatch) for the surface pattern under graphics in the material editor.

    You can use this in Revit (in hidden line or shaded view) to align your materials.

    This only really works if you have used something like a floor to create your path (not a toposurface), but can still be a real pain if you have a lot of triangulation in your geometry.

    Phil, thanks for the response, and was the conclusion I was coming to.

    Your suggested settings are the ones we are using to get Enscape to work, but as you say doesn't look like the best card for the job.

    They came pre-installed on a couple of new workstations and it was taken at face value from the supplier that the cards would be suitable for use with Revit / Enscape.

    Ref: NVidia T1000 (8GB) - Optimum Settings

    Has anyone got any experience with running Enscape (with Revit) on an NVidia T1000 (8GB)?

    Would be interested to see what settings were used (in both Enscape and Windows) to get the best out of the card.

    Yep, works a treat, and as Phil said you do need to set the links up in Revit.

    For example we produce separate Revit models for Proposed Site, Proposed Buildings etc.

    Link the proposed buildings into the proposed site model and run Enscape. Any Enscape assets within the proposed building models will also render in the site model.

    So far we have not found any limits on how many Revit links Enscape can handle (some of our projects have multiple proposed buildings linked into a single site model).

    However we have noticed that the more Revit links you have the slower the load time for Enscape, but this is to be expected due to the total amount geometry Enscape has to handle.

    Overall this works very well for us, and is integral to our workflow - 1 person can be modelling the buildings and another can be modelling the site.

    Think you can kind of do what you want already as I am pretty sure you can tell Enscape to associate any existing Revit family with one of the Enscape assets. This should allow you to set up the Revit family as you would normally want it to be displayed in Revit but this will then get swapped out for the Enscape asset when run in Enscape - Think Enscape basically adds a couple of additional parameters to your Revit Family.

    I believe this feature is only available with Revit - but to be honest I haven't actually tried it yet.

    This doesn't allow you to have the option to display the asset in the Revit 3D view, but having said that most Revit users have issues with how the Enscape 3D geometry looks in Revit anyway........

    Good news, have had confirmation from Enscape that this will be made available (along with all of the Envision presentations) after the Envision site shuts.

    Have really enjoyed Envision 21, and found this session particularly good:

    The World Of Content with Norbert Gräser – Held on 28Setp, 19:15 – 20:00

    I think this is essential watching for anyone that is struggling with Custom Assets, and finally helped me get my head around the possibilities / workflows.

    Is there any way this can be made available after the Envision 21 site finally closes, as I can see myself wanting to watch this session several times in order to follow some of the workflows?

    We went direct to the Nvidia website and searched for the latest drivers. you will need to ensure you download the correct driver for you particular graphics card (or ideally get your IT guys to do it for you).

    We have Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super and after update are running driver version 471.41 (but as I say you will need to ensure you get the correct driver for your particular card).

    Good luck, and hopefully this will help.

    We had similar issues until we updated our drivers (we have Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super), we updated direct from the Nvidia website (as recommended by Enscape). New drivers with specific support for Enscape 3.1 were made available by Nvidia last week via their website..

    Prior to the update the option to enable DLSS in Enscape was unavailable.

    Now updated all seems to be working fine, with a marked performance improvement in Enscape with DLSS activated.

    Will it ever be the intention that users will be able to share custom assets with other users (ideally free of charge) via a website (similar to Turbosquid / 3D Warehouse etc.)?

    This would seem like the only way to dramatically expand the current asset library and meet user requirements.

    If this type of feature were made available, then I would also strongly recommend that Enscape retain control over / check any content prior to being made available to other users.

    Just a thought........

    We managed to get it sorted, there was something very odd going on in the Revit Model.

    Revit seemed to be getting a bit confused (unfortunately not that unusual for Revit), so the issue doesn't appear to have been with Enscape.

    But do appreciate you looking into this for us.