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    I am having the same problem and no matter what I try it does not change the water to show waves. Just a mirror surface. The attached shows a vertical sheet of water from a fountain. I have used a generic water material from Revit, set the atmosphere to show wind, tried to edit the material in the Enscape material editor (it does not show up on the list anywhere...) and upgraded to the latest Enscape version. STILL NO LUCK! Really need some help here. Thanks.

    I have had this problem as well and have basically given up on trying to create/use/edit skybox environments because they always come out looking hugely out of scale relative to the model. A scaling function would be a huge advance in the usefulness of the product. Thanks.

    It would be really nice if there were more ornamental trees as part of the asset library. The trees in the library look very much alike when rendered, except for a few. We need some flowering pear, flowering plum, buckeye, etc. Would be very helpful.:)

    First, Enscape is the best thing I've done for my practice in many years. The fly-throughs are flawless and impress everyone who sees them. Additionally, the rendering quality is superb and I love the flexibility in lighting, time of day, exposure settings, etc. It used to take hours for one rendering, now just minutes. Thank you for inventing this great software.

    I recently reset my license for Revit 2019 from single user to multi user. I also have a home license. After completing this process on my home desktop, Enscape took forever (several hours in some cases) to load the model and once loaded, many (but not all) of the Enscape assets did not load or render, primarily trees. I tried changing the tree species, re-installing Enscape, nothing seems to work. I am not running through a proxy server, just direct on my C drive. PLEASE HELP! Under some tight deadlines. Thanks.