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    I am using the latest/ most-current versions of both Revit 2024 and Enscape. When I have Enscape open inside Revit, even with "live updates" off, I routinely, within less than an hour or so, have the Revit Properties window cease to function properly. Specifically, when you select any given object, view, etc in Revit, the Properties window is supposed to show the info/ properties of whatever is selected/ active in Revit. What happens is that the Properties window ceases to do this, and will show no properties, or the properties of something that is not selected.

    This never happens at all with just Revit open and no Enscape.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    are there any further advancements for this issue? In revit 2024.1 and Enscape 3.5.3. i have a lot that is in rolling area so there is quite a bit of difference in the elevation from the front of the lot to the rear. i have my toposoild with just a grass material and all contours set correctly. then i have a subdivide for the driveway with a thickness of 1" and assigned conc material. when loaded in to Enscape the grass is showing through the driveway. how is the correct way to handle this?

    While not a perfect solution, here's what my team member came up with: In the Enscape material settings, lower the grass height to it's minimum, reduce grass height variation so that there's no tall blades randomly sticking out, and for our project, we had to increase the thickness of the driveway to 2" (in terms of the Revit toposolid subdivision height/ offset above the baseline toposolid). Hope this helps!

    I am getting the same experience here. Any creative solutions? I haven't tried yet, but all I can think of is to change my default Revit 2024 toposolid material to gravel (not grass), and then make the grass regions as subdivisions (with minimal 1/128" offset) of the toposolid. Definitely counterintuitive, but hopefully it will work. I can't seem to come up with any other way of going about it, other than a non-Enscape grass texture-map that doesn't have any three-dimensionality in Enscape.

    I am helping to convert a 25+ person high-end architecture firm from using Max (w/ SketchUp and Vectorworks (2D-only) to Revit on PCs. So far, I've tested my personal Dell PC desktop, and an Asus laptop with Enscape and Revit. Both work pretty well, but I'm hoping to do more research and find the best laptop possible for using Enscape in Revit.

    Our budget is anywhere from $2k-$3k+, so no afraid to spend a bit to get great performance. That said, we have some $4k+ Alienware laptop for use with Enscape+SketchUp, and there is little to no difference compared to the $2,300 Asus when using Enscape. I've also been looking at BIM Box, but they are pretty expensive, and maybe overkill.

    I am having trouble finding good/ methodical/ benchmarked info on the best laptops for Revit+Enscape, so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone has specific laptop models they have tested/ are using? I know the general specs we're looking for, but am trying to get help with specific laptop recommendations that are proven. We do mostly high-end residential, some commercial. I cannot imagine our REvit models ever getting over 900 MB or so, likely averaging around 500 MB.

    Thanks in advance!