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    Hi joals10,

    My very first thought was the same as yours. I have not figured out how to upload .exe file as NFT. But I think it could have alot of growth potential as the "high-end" VR experiences, as you can seemingly create a much better VR rendered experience (obviously we all know that) out of enscape than any of this crap they are pedaling on Metaverse/Decentraland etc. And as we know the VR functionality is baked into the .exe file so whoever would buy it would be able to use it without any software (which you would probably have to explain, which Enscape marketing team would probably love all the free press!)

    I have another question regarding whether we would be able to include the Enscape Assets like people at what not in the renderings, animations and models we sell. I haven't tried to see whether the assets would export well to blender (which as far as I know is the only way to get your 3D model onto the marketplaces like OpenSea or Decentraland). What about things like treadmills. Seems like its part of a tool we pay for so it could be included (and wouldn't be sold as the asset itself.) But if I am not mistaken these enscape assets would only be visible in their full rendered quality when viewing them in enscape correct? If I exported one from Rhino->Obj->Blender-> glfb or whatever that mapping wouldn't stay with it it would just look like an extremely low poly person right?

    So I would likely maybe include them in the renderings/animations and leave them out of the 3D model I would sell.

    Does that make sense? Would I be breaking any laws there? Have you guys thought about this at all? Have you thought about how you might be able to get the .exe file format into consideration for NFT creation file formats?

    I think its all very exciting, and us industry professionals who have a leg up would be wise to take advantage, stay up with this stuff, doesn't seem like its going anywhere.

    And thank you Adam for letting me know about the environmental/energy impact, hopefully the greed associated with this gold rush will be the push the energy industry needs to make the strides towards renewable and limitless energy supply. But I will do some research onto the impacts before I help this movement take over the world.