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    Is there a solution for this? I just updated my Enscape to version 3.0.0+39546 and now get a message saying "Asset cannot be placed. No 3D view selected" when trying to place certain assets. Some assets work fine, but I cant place others. I am using Revit 2019.

    Hi, I am looking for a solution to get moderately detailed surrounding buildings into my Revit model. My goal is to be able to then export the Revit file (with my building and the site context) as a 'exe standalone' from Enscape to use with virtual reality. The closest solution i have found so far was Cadmapper- which worked great except for the fact it did not have enough building data. Therefore when i tried to export a site that was further from center city (for reference i am working in the Philadelphia area) it only gave me like 5 buildings and completely flat roads-no bridges or highways.

    I created a lighting family that consists of a glass pendant light with a Edison bulb inside (The bulb and light source are a separate family, nested in the pendant). I am having a problem with the light in Enscape flickering or having this white noise effect as i move around. There is a low quality video attached to give an idea of what I am talking about; you can also kind of see in the rendered image that the bulb filaments aren't really clear.

    I have tried changing the material used on the filaments, tried looking at just the filaments (to see if it was some effect that the glass shade had on their appearance), tried increasing the size of the filaments slightly (to see if they were just to small)...

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    I have been creating maps in Photoshop which I then use to create materials in Revit. I realize that because the material is going through different applications that it may look different in Photoshop vs Revit vs Enscape. However; I have a material that I created in Photoshop which I saved out as a jpeg that I have 2 copies of; one is named 'IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA' and the other is named 'IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA_L' and they are rendering completely different in Enscape. The one named 'IF_SL_RESYSTA BAMBOO_JAVA_L' is rendering much lighter than the former. I am not sure if there are other naming filters (like when you add '_grass' Enscape will render the material as grass) that I am unaware of, or if there is another problem.

    I have also tried turning up the brightness in Photoshop to try to fix the map and get my material to render lighter in Enscape, but the material came out darker?!?!

    Help! What am I doing wrong?