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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    I just purchased a month of Enscape and the directions after purchase were confusing to me (for one thing they mention an account, but I've never signed up for an account that I know of) but basically just be sure to copy your license key and paste it when you open or start Enscape. Very excited about the way my project looks now in Enscape.


    Well I tried looking at the Enscape pricing page with a computer with Windows 10 and it looks fine. So problem has something to do with my computer and/or Windows 11, I guess.

    Below see 1) how pricing page looks with Windows 10; this is correct and how it should look 2) how it looks on my computer with windows 11 (but only since 2 days ago, and I've been using this computer and looking at the Pricing page often for two weeks and it's been fine). Also when I click on "My enscape" it says "status code 400 error bad request message invalid cookie value". Guess I have problems, or Enscape has problems with Windows 11. Thanks. :(;(

    I wish I could get some response about my problem with the Enscape website. When I try to contact the company I am given a case number as if I have a technical issue about using the program. And I know from experience a reply on email takes over a week. It seems Enscape should want to know if someone can't make a purchase. I do have windows 11 but I have no problem with any other website and didn't have a problem with the Enscape website until two days ago. Thank you.

    Please share a photo.
    The thing to remember is that with Enscape you won't see a tessellated displacement. Enscape uses a parallax displacement method that is more optimized for real-time engines. So upclose the texture will appear flat.

    I see how this kind of displacement method would work better for real time engines. I do see if I rough up the geometry/profile at the ends or corners of the objects it helps with the look of relief.

    I'm generally really happy with the ease and look of Enscape; just discovering a few things different than other programs. But the integration/interaction between the two programs, Enscape and Sketchup, is amazing; much more fluid than I remember with other SketchUp plug-ins like Vray or Maxwell or even Corona Render (which I used with Cinema4D). I love that.

    I don't have relief either with my displacement map (for very rough concrete). It's a PBR texture from ShareTextures. Just the shadow, but flat, with no relief.

    I figured since you probably mostly have to view problems, I wanted to report that I'm excited about learning Enscape; getting results I like pretty quickly, on a new commercial interior project, and still in trial mode.

    You can not make the light invisible only in reflections. We strongly advise you to use the area light shapes to match the scene's lighting fixtures instead of "inventing" an area light that is magically floating in space.

    This is a trade off between artistic/creational freedom and the guarantee that your image looks as plausible and predictable as possible. As non-specular-visible lights do not exist in reality, we chose the second option.

    I'm very happy with the lighting in Enscape, think it looks realistic. I have just started learning, literally been only a few days. But I have a problem with not being able to turn the reflection of a light source off. I think people often choose to point a rectangle light at a feature to add some light, but that is a problem in Enscape if you can't turn the reflection off. See attached, white rectangle showing in the wood. I know the light I used is too bright; I used one of the existing lights, so they are all the same, but the problem would still be there even if lights were more subdued. Thanks. I am hoping Enscape can do something about this, or offer some work-around. I've been able to turn the reflection of a light off in every other program I have used. Thank you. I'm enjoying Enscape.

    NoMasCorona , just to make sure that is clear: The graphics card line before NVIDIA RTX's card were GTX cards. But, the R in RTX stands for "Ray Tracing", which in turn means that part of the GPU can solely be used for this technology, and without wanting to complicate things further, it mostly allows for a lot more realistic outcomes in renderings or software where this is being utilized properly.

    That is a big reason why we recommend this lineup as well since it allows for so-called Ray Traced Sun Shadows in Enscape's case, which in non-technical terms simply means you will get more accurate Shadows in the final output. We may add more and more Ray Traced features in the future as well so if there is some way for you to get a pre-built laptop with an RTX definitely go for that. You may have to look around a while to spot some good deals in your area or generally online but it would be worth it.

    I think you stated that it's clear now too but, 3xxx simply means ANY card in the 3000 lineup like the 3060, 3060 Ti, 3070, 3080, 3080 Ti, and 3090. I know the numbers can get confusing, but those are the main modern graphics cards out there especially suited for Enscape at least from NVIDIA.

    Thank you, that is interesting and explicative. RTX is pretty expensive $$$ (perhaps Enscape could put some $$$ in my account and I'll upgrade to RTX). For now I'll be using my BRAND NEW computer with an Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 6GB graphics card. I don't expect to do be doing much motion work, in case that makes a difference.

    Thanks for the warning about the 1050. That was a bit older post of mine I guess. I'm going to be using an Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 6GB graphics card. Don't say anything bad about it because it's all I can afford. Especially for a program I haven't even tried yet LOL.

    Tomankubic: Thanks very much for the reply. I just wish people in general here would stop replying in short number codes. Some of us have never had to specify graphics cards before and don't know what these shorthand expressions mean. Or at least I don't; am just learning. Offhand I have no idea what "RTX" means, so I don't know what "at least RTX" means. Same with 3XXX, took me a long while to understand what that was referring to. Why speak in those terms?

    my advice is to buy at least RTX line of cards...hope you can find some of 3xxx line for good price...gtx 1050 ti might be really pain to work with

    I would like to make the point generally on this forum that some renderers are now turning from programs like Vray and Corona Render, where they didn't have to think much about graphics cards, to "Real Time Rendering" where you will need a dedicated graphics card, and it is a whole new world. The only part of your reply I understood immediately was "1050 might be really pain to work with." And by the way, the "3XXX" would be very expensive. Again, sticker shock for people coming from other non-"Real Time rendering" programs like Autocad, Revit, Sketchup, Vray, Corona Render, Cinema4D and the rest. Sorry to go off on you Tomankubik, I do appreciate the response.