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    I never used Lumion in school as I wasn't a fan of the overall output aesthetic. I had the VRay plug in which was fine then, and is what I use now, but I don't like the time I spend in post-render photoshopping the image.

    I worked in Lumion some at an office where I interned and while I appreciate that the placement of entourage and control of environment was user friendly and kept our Revit Models less cluttered with those features, it was aggravating to have to update the Revit model, save, re-link, etc. I also found the multiple reflection options to be unnecessary and agree with the "everything should look as good as possible by default", as I am now a sole practitioner and do not really have time to fiddle with settings that do not yield outcomes worth the time it takes to achieve them.

    A former colleague who spent many hours working in Lumion put me onto Enscape. I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to the expanded asset library. It is also far more affordable than Lumion, and the real-time updating in the model reflected in the Enscape window are invaluable to making minor changes prior to spending the time to output an image.

    My favorite feature of Enscape is the ability to quickly change the time of day in the Viewer and how well Enscape engages artificial lighting in the model. This is something that frustrated me endlessly with the native Revit rendering engines, VRay, etc. as lighting fixtures seemed to have too much you had to do to get the desired effect.

    My only gripe with Enscape (and this may be because I haven't used it enough to know) is that when I set a view in Revit, it is very exact in its size and scope of the view, and I wish Enscape would automatically detect the pixel width and height of the image rather than trying to assign a ratio in the Enscape Settings.

    If time is of little concern to you, you might find expanded settings in Lumion or other rendering engines helpful, but time is a serious factor for me and I either don't care for or cannot afford 3rd party visualization services as of now. I'm pleased with the program and glad I did not go with Lumion.

    Edit: I just realized this was under SketchUp, not Revit. But I think much of the post still applies - sorry about that!