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    OK -perhaps not the most intuitive function in my humble opinion. As you will often not wear it while starting up Enscape -you wont see the screen to click the buttons! I would suggest ignoring the position of the Oculus and default to an eye height of 1.65m. Then people can change it if they want thru the menu. Also I would name it Eye height rather than oberver height (or whatever it is called) as that can be ambigous.

    Thanks for the click and fly to function. Here is a suggestion for the Rift: Consider allowing the cursor to show up in the view. As it is I have to ask my friend to click for me as I am unable to see the screen with the Goggles on. Or perhaps a button could be allocated to this function on the Xbox controller (the noon/midnight buttons for example) Holding the button down could make the cursor appear in the view and letting go could fly you to that position for instance.

    Thanks for the latest great update. There seems there is something funky with the eye height. As it is I have to lower the height to something like 1.48m to get a reasonable eye height. (My eyes are normally at 1.65-1.75)

    Impressed with the Oculus support. We are considering buying the Touch controllers -mainly for the added sensor that would hopefully increase the range of movement in a room scale. We currently do not have any real use for the touch controllers themselves but an immediate reaction from first time users is to reach out into the VR space. I think just having the hands visible inside the rift would be a great feature. Perhaps motion direction when flying could be done by pointing as a simple way of navigating? Other uses that I could forsee would be growing and shrinking the scene for instance by pulling hands apart or pushing them together.

    No -I think this is fine. If anything a capability to override papermode materials could be useful I guess. But in general the papermode is a fantastic feature -A lot of times the appearances have not been set and the papermode allows us to not deal with that unless we feel the need.