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    This is very interesting, and pretty close to a new feature request I posted 10th march - it's really great to see this plugin in action. I agree with jtubb, this is a great concept, and it gives me hope that scenes from Sketchup can be used as Keyframes in a video path.

    One question from me:

    After drawing the spline in Sketchup, and all the Scenes get generated, is it then possible to hide a Component in one scene, and then make it visible in another scene?

    Many thanks for this.

    I'm new to Enscape (and indeed Forums like this) but here's a short video showing how I used Sketchup Dynamic Components to quickly change pre-determined textures and model assemblies while presenting the live render in Enscape. This could be used effectively in client presentations at early stages of the design process when exploring several options.

    I guess there's other ways to do this, but thought I'd share this test file.



    Yes that's right - all in one video!

    Guess I was hoping to be able to use a View as a keyframe, then I could set 1 keyframe as a view with door open, and the next keyframe as the view with the door closed.

    I realise it wouldn't be a smooth animation, but it would let us show two geometry positions in 1 video.

    Hope that makes sense?

    "Wouldn't it be great if..." (and I hope I'm not making a rookie error and this feature already exists!!)

    I have a couple of scenes in SketchUp; 'Scene 1' showing a door open, and 'Scene 2' showing it closed.

    These scenes work fine in Enscape in View Management, and show the door open 'Scene 1', or closed 'Scene 2' respectively.

    What I'd like to do is have those 2 Views on my video path, so as the camera pans down the room you see the door transition from open (view 1) to closed (view 2).

    Is it possible? It would be so cool to be able to 'switch' geometry elements in this way. I've tried quite a few methods, but the video path seems to favour one scene setup or the other, and can't find a way to switch between both scenes.

    Thought I'd ask the question before posting a new feature request. :)