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    I'm hoping someone has had success with achieving volumetric or atmospheric lighting, similar to Vray with rectangle lights. I've attached examples that are not by me and were made with Vectorworks and Twinmotion. I know Twinmotion can do some cool stuff with volumetrics, but is there any way to get there with Enscape?

    (FYI, I'm currently using Enscape 3.5.0 preview.13+98457.)

    Thank you!

    This is the latest example of color lights being washed out and barely noticeable as colored lights. I use color lights all the time, but unless the scene is dark the colored lights will barely show up. In this scene, I've actually got a series of spotlights uplighting the wall, but it's so hard to tell. And if I increase their brightness it just seems white. Is there something to be done to make color lights their true color, like a really rich deep color? TY

    Is there some way to make the Asset Library work better and faster? For as long as I've used it, the Enscape Asset Library has been annoyingly slow. Don't get me entirely wrong, I'm grateful that there are so many assets now. But it would be so much more useful if the loading of thumbnail/preview images of each asset were faster. Isn't it basically just an HTML page loading images? Also, the search functionality needs an overhaul, if I search for "woman sitting", it finds nothing.

    I've attached a screengrab of how slow it is for me. If the developers could check how quick SU Podium and the new Vray Chaos Cosmos are to load, it may give them some hints.



    I knew it wouldn't really work in Enscape, but I thought I would try... But it got a bit weirder than I thought it would. Like, why do the corners have all those radiating lights, and what's up with the guy's shadow? Or, the weird reflection at an odd angle?


    Looks like something has been mixed up in texture assignment - if you click on the texture and open the Enscape texture editor, does the Albedo have an orange icon?

    I've fixed similar in the past by just adjusting the HSB slightly for that texture (from SU's Materials Tray) or just re-loading it.

    Thanks, this worked - but I didn't see and orange icon. I opened the proxy model and slightly adjusted its texture map colors and values, saved restarted Sketchup and Enscape, and that did the trick. But this is a major downfall of this product. How can this be resolved to make me want to keep paying for it?


    I have been experiencing crashes so much lately that it's completely souring my opinion of Enscape. Of course it's been happening during deadline craziness, too...

    Especially irritating is the video path editor, it made me crash and slow down yesterday innumerable times. And the editor itself is the weirdest, clunkiest thing to manipulate. If there was a more detailed way to edit each camera position that would really nice. And if there was a way edit the camera target position and not just the camera itself. And sometimes the camera does things that it should do according to what the path looks like, it just stops and turns...!?!

    Also, I only got an error report pop-up once out of who knows how many times. Oh, and I made sure to not have Photoshop or Illustrator running while I was working.

    Anyway, that's my rant for today. ;(

    I have a 2080ti, btw. So I should be fine right? What's wrong with Enscape?

    CMacWilkins I took a quick look at this. If you favorite all the Tweens that Keyframe Animation creates, then you can Favorite these Views and Batch Render them that way. Of course, you would have to composite these in post, but that's actually a nice little bit of software to create animation in SU via Enscape.

    It is a nice little plugin, but in my experience Enscape takes whatever is on in the first animation frame and each subsequent frame does not change which layers are on or off. This is true for layers, sun position, hidden objects, etc. Can Enscape's Favorited views respect each scene's settings and not just camera position?

    I've been having recurring issues with Photoshop being in GPU mode and Enscape crashing without an error report popping up. Anyone else experiencing this?

    I try to remember to keep Photoshop in GPU off mode, but when I forget and have Enscape open the chances are high that Enscape will crash. Also, today I noticed that when I started Enscape, it was very sluggish when I had a very large (+2GB) PSB document open, I was working in Sketchup on a model with approx 662K faces, and 200+ Enscape people. My PC setup is a main 4K monitor + HD monitor on one GPU (2080 ti) with 64GB RAM, Ryzen Threadripper 2950x. Enscape version is most recent 2.5 version.

    And my Nvidia driver is up-to-date and is the Game-ready option. (The Creator-Ready one did not work for me.)


    I have a model with a parallel view and section turned on. Every time I switch to this view it crashes Sketchup and Enscape almost instantly, with no autosave or backup... It made me lose 3 hours of work, which is my fault, too, since I didn't save for that long, but also Sketchup's fault - why it didn't autosave that entire time, I have no idea. Can I send the Enscape team the file to see why this keeps happening? I know parallel views aren't supported but it shouldn't make Enscape crash.

    The file is 93MB and the forum doesn't allow that size of file.