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    giri-giri I took a quick look at this. If you favorite all the Tweens that Keyframe Animation creates, then you can Favorite these Views and Batch Render them that way. Of course, you would have to composite these in post, but that's actually a nice little bit of software to create animation in SU via Enscape.

    It is a nice little plugin, but in my experience Enscape takes whatever is on in the first animation frame and each subsequent frame does not change which layers are on or off. This is true for layers, sun position, hidden objects, etc. Can Enscape's Favorited views respect each scene's settings and not just camera position?

    I've been having recurring issues with Photoshop being in GPU mode and Enscape crashing without an error report popping up. Anyone else experiencing this?

    I try to remember to keep Photoshop in GPU off mode, but when I forget and have Enscape open the chances are high that Enscape will crash. Also, today I noticed that when I started Enscape, it was very sluggish when I had a very large (+2GB) PSB document open, I was working in Sketchup on a model with approx 662K faces, and 200+ Enscape people. My PC setup is a main 4K monitor + HD monitor on one GPU (2080 ti) with 64GB RAM, Ryzen Threadripper 2950x. Enscape version is most recent 2.5 version.

    And my Nvidia driver is up-to-date and is the Game-ready option. (The Creator-Ready one did not work for me.)


    I have a model with a parallel view and section turned on. Every time I switch to this view it crashes Sketchup and Enscape almost instantly, with no autosave or backup... It made me lose 3 hours of work, which is my fault, too, since I didn't save for that long, but also Sketchup's fault - why it didn't autosave that entire time, I have no idea. Can I send the Enscape team the file to see why this keeps happening? I know parallel views aren't supported but it shouldn't make Enscape crash.

    The file is 93MB and the forum doesn't allow that size of file.


    I keep having this problem repeatedly. When placing an asset the Asset Library window is hidden, then after I place the asset and hit [ESC] the window is supposed to pop-back up, right? For me it's a 50/50 chance of the window reappearing. If it doesn't reappear, then I have to go back through the same process again, hoping that the window won't disappear yet again...

    Am I doing something wrong? In the Asset Library instructions ( it does say the ESC key closes the library window, but this is what I'm doing to make it unhide, so now I'm even more confused...

    The batch render feature is nice, but it has a flaw: It takes the geometry is active from the first view and keeps it even if other geometry/objects are on/off or changing scale. I'm working on an animation of a curtain going up while the camera is moving, but when I use the favorite batch render the curtain stays down. So I have to manually render each frame, which is a somewhat dreary task!

    Otherwise, Enscape is great. It has really changed the ballgame for me visualizing my work!

    Interesting, I will have to test it when Enscape will support RTX, maybe I will not have to buy the graphics card again;)

    For now, they threw it for the Game Ready drivers ... and the question for the Enscape team: which drivers should I use better? Games Ready or Creator Ready?

    Tikos' question was left unanswered and it also is a concern for me. I recently updated my driver and am trying the Creator Ready Driver 419.67, and Enscape repeatedly crashes where it never used to. Should I switch back to the Game Ready drivers?


    (Sketchup user)

    Thanks for such a great product. I've been using Enscape for approx 2 months, and it's really great.

    Recently I've found this forum thread and tried the "batch render" function, but it does not work as advertised. It just saves images based on the first scene's settings (layers, etc.) then flies through each scene very roughly matching the camera positions of each scene. But this is useless when trying to render views with the ceiling turned on or off and it doesn't not match the camera position in each scene. So, please fix this as soon as possible, it's pretty annoying after I exported many images only to start compositing and realized that the rendered images do not match up with the Sketchup scenes.;(

    Thanks and keep up the good work and I'll keep supporting Enscape!