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    Hello Enscape team,
    I would like to congratulate you for the great work you are doing with the engine, each version exceeds the previous one and that can be seen in the quality of the images,I would like to know if it is among your plans to develop Enscape for 3dsmax, the users of this software would love to have it there.
    I am pretty sure that you guys have this in the pending tasks, I would just like to know why do you not developed it for max yet.
    Cheers and keep up the great work!!

    HHello guys!! i was in a meeting with my team, talking about how amazing is the Enscape plugin for Revit, and how powerfull it is for visualization, and somebody ask, if there's is a way to save an screenshot of the render and place it directly on the blueprint? i can insert an image in Revit i know, but what i really want to know is, if we can save the render.

    Hello there!!

    Well, i really don't know if my subject is an stupid question or not, i know Enscape was build to make our life easy but the thing is, my workflow is Revit+3Ds Max+Corona and I would like very much to know if there is a possibility to integrate such a great engine as Enscape inside 3ds max. Enscape is fast, the lighting is spectacular, materials are awesome tooand in 3ds Max we have a lot of spectacular 3d models and i think it would be a great idea if we can had Enscape inside 3Ds Max. :thumbsup:

    i know i know, whe have a Real time rendering with Corona and Vray but, Enscape is fast really fast, soo???

    keep doing a great work!

    have a nice day everyone!

    Hey thanks for the replay man i really appretiate that.

    I have my latest graphic driver installed, also Steam is set up perfectly on my computer, my HTC Vive works fine with other projects that i developed, that's why i don't understand, i really want to fix this issue. i will send the logs file soon.

    Lunch time!

    Thanks @jonatthan Knoefe for your fast replay i really apretiate that.. i tried to use the feedback button but i get an error windows i think is my internet conection. Can i send the log file using other method?? where is the log file located.

    i wrote this on the feedback

    Hello there!!

    First things first, thank you guys for the amazing work, Enscape is helping a lot of Arquitect that doesn't use other engines

    this is awesome..keep doing a great wor!

    Well, the problem is, that everytime i enable de VR tool nothing happens, just windows telling me "Searching for head mounted dislpay"

    in the list below i show my steps.

    1) Start Enscape.

    2) Enable VR

    its simple right? and yes my HTC Vive equipment work perfectly in other projects..

    Pleae Plase i hope the team can find a solution, im the onlyone with this issue.