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    I know this has nothing to do with the rending, which is great. But IRL how would those cushions stand up like that?

    I don't know if anyone else has shared this or not but i haven't seen it so...

    This is not really tutorial, but using a combination of Enscape spot lights and self illuminating materials you can create decent looking vehicle lighting for night renders. The placement is just trial and error, but once you have it you could save a component that had placement markers to make it repeatable. Of course each car will be different. I am not really sure how this works but it does. I have uploaded a few shots of how the model looks in SketchUp and the result in Enscape.

    It's even easier with drivers. Just plop them in.

    I just used one screen showing the Enscape window and the other was where I used SketchUp and just unsynched the views. I used parallel projection with top, front, and side views, and would tweak it little by little until it looked right(ish). This goes for lights and drivers. The only thing is the drivers' feet will pull a Fred Flinstone and appear out of the bottom of the car.

    As a note: I didn't research the actual lighting of these vehicles as my renders were not up close the the examples. So they may not be in the exact right place.

    Hope this helps.

    I figured it out. There is a setting in each of the tabs in the materials editor called "Explicit texture transformation". I adjusted this on each tab and... perfecto! I even found the "Inverted" radio button under image for making everything not shinny.

    Hope this can help anyone else who may find themselves in the same situation.

    Love Enscape BTW.

    Hey guys,

    Trying to us a brick texture from poliigon for an exterior shot. I am fairly new to their stuff. The brick textures that come from pliigon look to be too small. Once placed, if you measure the brick, it is only about 2.75" inches across, also the default texture width & height when looked at it in SketchUp is 3'-3". Now if I bump it up to 8'6" the brick is the correct size. However I know this isn't the right way to do it since i cannot do the same thing to the normal map. How do I increase the size of the brick to match reality and bring the normal map with it?

    Side note, why is their stuff so shinny? I put an asphalt texture in for the parking lot and it looked like it was under water.


    having crashing issues with latest version of Enscape 2.6.1 + 13260 and SketchUp Pro 2019 19.3.253. Running an RTX 2080. Enscape will not create a report as it never fully starts. It gets to 95% then pauses for about 10 seconds, says loading, then everything closes. No errors, or reports, or warnings.

    Hello All,

    Posting this in the SketchUP forum as that is the program I'm using. But probably applies to all Enscapes.

    Is there a way to keep the Map visible during a camera path preview? Or any other time where the scene is moving for that matter.


    I'm completely new to Enscape (though been doing rendering with Twilight for a few years), there is something off about the green pillows; they seem flat or highlighted in a weird way. And the front of the couch cushions, the shadow could be softer or maybe less wrinkled. Other than those two things really impressive, I hope to be able to achieve the same results with Enscape.