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    Hi Snowy,

    Thats really interesting insight.

    I thought the 8GB VRAM was sufficient that really useful context.

    We are in the process of setting up a VR station in a site office but need to spec a laptop.

    It sounds like a 16GB VRAM would be ideal if it exists.

    I did have a question about materials that may relate to the above.

    Do reflective materials (more reflective) increase the compute load and VRAM usage?

    I was wondering if keeping materials simple for door handles, desk legs etc.. would improve the end user experience.

    Many thanks for your insights snowy.


    One last question....

    Is there any value in me buying enscape as a client in a workflow.

    Does this open up new options for me?

    Apologies one last question.

    We were originally using links to view files but it became apparent anyone could access the link.

    Are there any plans to improve the security for link based viewing?


    I have recently starting using Enscape standalone files.

    I am the client in this workflow and the files are produce by the architect.

    The machine I am using to run the files has the following spec:

    • Dell Precision T7920
    • 2 x 8 Core 3.20GHz Gold 6134
    • 128GB RAM
    • 2TB NVMe SSD
    • Quadro RTX 4000 8GB VRAM (using the recommended drivers found here)

    The files I am receiving are range from 300mb to 1GB.

    Some files load relatively straight forward and some crash on the splash screen with the following error (see attachment)

    I have found that if I resize the window for enscape to 50% of my screen (running 2560x1440) I can get the files crashing to load.

    I then reduce the quality down to medium (loading on high by default) I can then rescale the window and things seem to work smoothly.

    Couple of questions/queries base on my experiences above:

    1. Any tips or recommendations that might help overcome my crashes??
    2. Have you ever considered having .exe listed as an application on the forum?
    3. Have you ever considered providing options to choose performance settings on execution of the .exe files.

    Looking forward to hearing the forums thoughts.

    All the above aside this is an incredible tool (many moons ago I worked in Vray for weeks to produce 1 still image!)

    Many thanks