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    We recently updated enscape to the latest version. Everything was excellent but we noticed our custom asset library is no longer working. We tried duplicating the folder, moving it to desktop etc. but nothing would fix it. The library would always just show as blank. In previous times when this has happened after an updated we could just duplicate or move the custom asset library folder and it would fix it. Seeing as we cannot seem to fix the custom asset library we have had to revert back to the previous version of enscape.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to resolve this?

    Thanks heaps

    Hey Bentley,

    This is for my custom assets. It used to loaded in the library previously but it just couldn't relink it back. I tried to load it one by one but it only work to load only one asset and the rest will be replacing it.

    That is strange, when did this happen? Was this working fine until you updated Enscape and then that is what broke it?

    Hi all,

    I am facing the similar issue. I have a local assets folder and try to relink it to the source path, all the assets still does not appear in the library. Have tried to refresh the file and still does work on my Enscape. Thank you

    Hey Nicky is this for your custom assets or the enscape assests that are already preloaded?

    Hi everyone,

    We have been doing a bit of testing here in office to work out what's going on here... we have found a solution, but not really sure on why things are happening the way they are.

    Please see below our file structure:

    Normally we had our custom asset library linked to the "Custom Assets" folder which is found in the general "Enscape Library Folder". This is when we had the issue of our custom asset links missing. To solve this we set our custom asset library to just link to the general "Enscape Library" folder, not the folder within it called "Custom Assets". This fixed the disappearing custom assets, however they were no longer in categories like they used to be when linked to the "Custom Assets" folder. We then made a new custom asset category with the custom assets linked to the general "Enscape Library" and this seemed to transfer all the categories we had set up for our custom assets to this new link....

    Really not sure what's going on here, we got a couple of strange error messages popping up about category links needing to be kept or replaced... but end of story we have fixed our issue, just not sure why or how really haha.

    Hopefully what I have typed out here can be followed and may help someone in future with a similar issue or someone maybe able to point out what our real issue was...

    One side note I realised after making a custom asset category is how do you then edit the name / icon of this category after it has been made? I cant seem to find a way to do this and maybe this is the missing link to my lack of knowledge on what was happening to our links?

    Thanks heaps for everyone's help :)

    Thanks Phil,

    I can confirm all the files are already available offline rather than online only. See screenshot of Dropbox folder with green tick on custom assets folder showing available offline. I may try using a file completely separate to Dropbox to see if it is a Dropbox related issue in general or if it is something else.

    Hi all,

    Ever since the latest update for Enscape we have been running into this issue where our custom asset library link breaks everytime we open a project in revit. It is easily fixable by clicking on the folder button on the bottom right of the enscape custom asset library and choosing a random folder, and then redoing this process and clicking on the correct folder we have on our systems for our custom assets. This takes a couple of minutes by the time enscape loads these link changes as our offline library is extensive, and we need to do this everytime we open a project.

    Has anyone else had this issue or has any tips on how we can fix this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


    Hi Phil, I gave it another go taking what you've just said about matching the model pattern size with the texture size. This worked perfectly and is not too hard to set up! Thank you very much for your help here it is greatly appreciated and makes the program near perfect to use now :)

    Thanks Phil, I had suspected this was part of the issue. Unfortunately, we have already tried this. Our Revit indeed does have the model lines aligned correctly, however this isn't carrying over to the image in both the realistic mode and Enscape. We have tried using the align texture tool in Revit where you can slide the image up or down in relation to the model lines overlayed over this, however this does not give us a perfect result.

    Hi guys we are having a problem with trying out enscape in our office while using revit.

    Everything is working fine except for when we have tricky wall/roof junctions we cannot get the cladding textures to align.. on certain parts of the designs. We really want to use enscape due to its ease and quality of producation however this will not be possible if we cannot align claddings as it is a very obvious issue.

    See example pic below where we have a wall with a cladding texture, we then paint the side of the roof above this wall in revit to give the illusion that the cladding runs up there. Because of revits poor UV mapping this makes the enscape texture not aligned. (see pic) This also happens when we have tricky wall junctions in 2 storey houses where the house has not been modelled as one clean wall.

    I understand enscape follows what is shown in revits realistic view mode. However we cannot get the textures to align in this view on revit, only the shaded view option with the model lines we can then use the align tool to get the cladding to match, but enscape does not work off this view mode so it does not help us.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get past this issue, we could model the walls as one clean face in revit which would solve the issue in enscape but it is considerably more time consuming and difficult in some designs to achieve.

    Is there possibly something I am missing or is this just an issue people ignore?

    We have used twinmotion where we do not have this issue as we can paint the faces using a cubic UV map which then ignore revits misaligned textures and bases it off the plane itself.

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated as I have googled for hours and cannot find a solution.