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    Hi Phil Read  Demian Gutberlet , curious if there's any update to these issues being resolved in Enscape? Thanks!

    Hi Phil,

    Have already tested that - just the fact that the file is open at the same time seems to be causing the issue. As Damien notes, it's seemingly a known issue and something we (somehow) need to manage. Strange that I could not find any others' with similar issue, as surely most work in a collaborative environment.

    Makes it extremely difficult to manage that last push before a deadline, expecting multiple users to access the model, produce renders and help out. If it wasn't for the fact that there are always last minute changes required to the model during the render process, I had thought of creating separate files, just linking in the said Revit models, allowing each user to essentially have their own model to render from...but with the time it would take to constantly modify, then sync, then reload links, it may not be that time-savvy....

    I can assure you several people have this issue, especially with my experience at a large firm with large projects (20+ people in a BIM 360 model). The issue we have is if multiple people are rendering in the same BIM 360 Revit model using Enscape, only one person can freely change the preset they're using. Anyone else who might not want to use the preset that was automatically loaded when they started Enscape (which most of the time is not the last preset they used, but the preset that the person who last used Enscape / is using Enscape used / is using), needs to have that person sync.

    Multiple users should be able to render and freely change presets without needing other people to sync. It would be great if people could be stopped from changing preset settings, this is an instance where people should get that pop-up asking people to sync, because someone else currently using that preset should be "owning" that preset.

    We've tried assigning one preset per Revit view, that doesn't work. Also, toggling Revit views as favorites in Enscape always resets. It'd be great if users favorites in Enscape could remain "favorited", they always disappear after a few hours. Also, we have an issue where preset settings and time of day are attached to certain views in Enscape, but then those settings are detached/deleted from that view in Enscape.

    Any update on any of this would be great, thanks!

    Please bring back the right-side pop out menu where you can easily toggle between favorited views without changing the Revit view that you are viewing in Enscape (without using a Standalone Executable Export). It saves a lot of time when trying to export several different views since you're not reloading a different Revit view every time.