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    So I've been trying the Aero / Enscape combination for a while now and results are mixed, but it is defenitely worth it. The biggest improvement is that the resolution is awesome. If you set the Aero to run on full resolution (39 PPD) in Varjo Base, then almost alls of the pixelated jittering lines are gone that I previously saw in the Index. You seee a lot more detail too. My RTX3090 doesn't have enough steam to run Enscape at this resolution at a full 90FPS. Plan to upgrade to a 4090 when it becomes available later this year. There are some issue with the Aero like some mura or a a slight blur when moving your head, but this is more relevant for games than for architectural exploration. In Enscape you mostly move around just to get into position to then look at something. For this use case the movement blur, clears up completely. Also - I believe - the blur (and mura) might be something that is present in every current generation headset, but only visible in the Aero because of the great clarity lenses and superior resolution. It is quite possible I just didn't notice in the Index before because I was looking at artifacts caused by the frenel lenses and never had time to notice blur or mura. In total I would say that the Aero is a really good match for Enscape.

    Thanks for the update and sorry to hear about your technical troubles. Yes, two base stations minimum. I use 4, one in each corner of the room, just for redundancy and for very rare ackward situations where my body shields a controller from two base stations simulataneously. Steam tracking is the absolute best at the moment when it does work, almost surgical accuracy. Like with most tech (and other things) the last 20% of optimization require the most effort.

    What kind of GPU do you run Aero on, and what kind of framerates are you getting?

    Files are .exe exported from v2.9, so none of the advanced RTX features.

    Maybe also try reexporting form a newer version. For me at least, in previous Enscape versions performance was a larger issue than it is now. I used to be unable to run anything at a decent framerate. Now I can run a detailed 800sqm house with furniture, people and props of all sorts in 2x4km mountain surroundings at a constant 90FPS in mediuam as well as high. I still prefer medium weirdly because high results in some pixel jumping for me. I don't know at which version the performance improved for me to a usable state, but they probably made some improvement in every version.

    What type of framerates were you getting? This might depend on the model you were viewing .. or not. My Aero arrives on Monday I believe. Glad to hear the Vive paddles worked for you! As I said above, I will be testing the older, regular Vive controllers.

    Should work fine, but I'd still recomment the Index controllers. You don't need all the buttons it offers, but the back-strap is a huge quality of life improvement as it allows you to let go of the controller and relax your hand.

    I have an Aero on loan for a few days. Enscape works fine, I paired it with Vive paddles. But I think Enscape struggles with optimizing for VR on the fly, and the headset is obviously super demanding. Framerates were not good even on a 3090. On the other hand a custom Unity.exe worked great.

    There is distortion at the edges that I found to be somewhat distracting, I see there is an experimental distortion correction I wasn't aware of; I'll have to try it. The clarity is of course stunning, and makes it hard to back to anything else, but as with all headsets there are trade-offs.

    Running on a 3090 as well, but currently on the Index headset. You should be able to get decent framerates on the 3090, but in my experience you have to use specific Enscape settings that work better for VR. Enscape isn't as optimized as a game engine apparently, so even a 3090 can't run the top settings for larger projects. However this isn't a big deal as you get pretty good results that allow you to explore your designs. Try this:

    In "General Settings" of Enscape Disable NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Denoiser, Grass/Carpet Rendering and Restmode. I leave Hardware Raytracing and Ray traced Sin Shadows on as I didn't find any performance difference. Some of the disable settings improve performance other just improve visual quality in VR. For example DLSS just doesn't work right in VR but is enable by default.

    In "Visual Settings" of Enscape set it to rendering quality "Medium". Not only does this render faster, but I actually think it looks cleaner in VR because above Medium I always get a grainy feel in VR like things would still be fine-rendering after moving my head. In Medium everything is instant.

    Let us know if that get you decent frame rates on the Aero. I am waiting for mine to be shipped and an anxious for the resolution upgrade from the Index, as the biggest distraction for me is the shimmering from jumping pixel on lines because of the smaller resolution of the Index.

    Got this email from them today...

    Hopefully will have it in my hands the week of May 2nd. So looks like their turnaround time is just under 3 months right now.

    Thanks for the update and congrats on your new Aero! Let us know how you Aero+Enscape experience is. Will you be using Index controllers with it?

    A few problems with navigation on projects with large sites. Let's say a house with a 9km site for mountain view context.

    1 - Navigation via WASD is impossible, as it is super slow

    2- VR Teleporation seem impossible from far away and even when closer to the house then there seems to be a max teleport distance. I have to teleport a hundret time to reach the house from a mounain.

    Currently the only way to reach the house in a timely manner is to go there with a space mouse. You seem to have implemented a clever mechanism for the space mouse where travel speed is determined by the distance of what I look at. Move fast when looking at mountain, but then is too fast when reaching the house. I stop touching the space mouse for a second while looking at the house and the speed readjust to something more appropiate for the house. Perfect! It just sometime is annoying when the speed get super slow because I am looking at a wall and the adjustment become too low.

    So, here's the wishlist:

    - Fix the max teleport distance, so I can teleport directly over several kilometers in VR.

    - Fix superslow spacemouse movement when too close to a wall.

    I don't care about WASD, but you should probably look at that as well. Here's the site I am working with, they way Enscape renders it:

    There is some other type of problem with the controller display other than anti-aliasing, which causes this jagged line and jittering effect. Not sure how it is related but in an Enscape scene with a large site environment (9km on on side) the problem apears to become amplified, but it is also visible on smaller sites.

    The videos demonstrates:

    1 - SteamVR Home: Perfect controller display

    2 - Enscape with SteamVR Menu overlay still visible: Jittery outlines are drawn around the controller, never seen this in any other VR application. Inside the Controllers are still perfectly still

    3 - Ensacpe without SteamVR Menu: All of the controller jitters. In a large site it feels like moving back and forth 1cm and is pretty distracting

    Guys, not sure how to say it in other words, but there a problem with the rendering of the controllers.

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    Thanks I will try the Aero and see how it goes. Probably will be a few more week before delivery. The Aero doesn't come with controllers. Will Enscape still recognizes that it should display Index controllers or is that based on which headset is connected at the time?

    16.384² is the maximum supported texture resolution. But this resolution is only kept if really required based on the actual scale of the texture on the geometry. You can utilize it e.g. for texture mapping environment geometry with a high-res satellite image, if only used for a poster on a wall Enscape will automatically downscale it to a more reasonable resolution.

    The downscaling is too aggressive for my taste. More than half of my 24G VRAM is empty, yet Enscape still downscales 8K textures on a 2x2m scale which are applied to an entire wall to something that looks like something less than a 2K textures, even though it could just use the VRAM available to it. Some textures are important to me and I'd like to be able to decide myself if a texture is downscaled or not. Could be a switch on a texture-by-texture basis, but easier and maybe even better would be just a switch in settings to disable downscaling completely. This way I could manage texture sizes myself and actually use all of that VRAM available to me. In VR you sometimes get close to textures and the detail helps greatly with immersion. See my picture over in this thread: Texture Downsampling too aggressive

    I'm still waiting for the Aero. It said "3-4 months" when I ordered it in early January. So no update. I will for sure post here when it comes in and I get to test it. Based on what their delivery time is I guess I will update a few days after April 10 to May 10th.

    So I ordered an Aero last night. Sitting in the same boat as you now.

    Okay so, I ordered a Varjo Aero as an upgrade from my Index. This will bring my resolution from 1440×1600 per eye to 2880 x 2720 per eye. Probably means running the larger display at 100% native without super-sampling. Hoping this will fix some of the flickering.

    Are there any other engine limitation I will run into with the increased resolution? Is world anti-aliasing disable at a certain point like the controller anti-aliasing?

    Is there any technical information on how the downsampling works? What size is my 8K or 18K texture downsampled too? It seem smaller than the 2K version.

    How is it influenced by the size parameter of the texture? Currently as a workaround I am trying to make seamless 8K textures which are 2mx2m into seamless 2k 0.5x0.5m textures as the downsampling kicks in less and more details is retained, however this is A LOT of texture work since seamless isn't easy and results in more repetition.

    I know it seems like a small thing. "Just zoom out further, why are you looking at a wall detail?:" But in VR you really explore a space and you get close to things and some wall are important features.

    I don't understand the voting portal. I submit my idea, but it seems to disapear into a void. You probably have to allow them first?

    I know this feature seems low priority since you have bugs to fix and important other things, but it is also very little work. Essentialy introduce a checkmark into settings "Don't downsample textures" and then introduce a large IF statement in your code. Simplified, but essentially this:


    // all downsampling code here


    Please consider it.