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    Sometimes when I left click to drag the viewing direction I get an orange box instead. Once it appears it is hard to get rid of. Clears on re-open.

    I also reported when I started placing objects (about 20) in the escape window it created a couple of orange dots that were visible through everything. They disappeared on restart.

    Grass is look lush

    Yes, this behavior should indeed be greatly improved with preview 4 as well so feel free to give it a try and report back anytime you like! :)

    Huge improvement.... now the risk of using this on a huge live project lol…1mf01jcpt2o7h1vb5qm8&dl=0 (sample movie)

    This showing shadow within certain limits has been a hate of mine for ages..... and not sure if just me, but I think the grass is looking slightly nicer too

    • Removed fixed limits of ray-traced geometry for captures

    Does this mean the shadow on trees will already be on them as you walk towards them and not suddenly go dark as you walk towards them down a line?

    I am asking because just about to render a huge animation with trees in :)

    The one colleague that uses Archicad also still uses Autocad for detailing and Sketchup

    for Conceptuals. Is this a similar workflow of most AC users?

    Have been using Archicad since start of 1990's on small single houses, luxury mansions, but mainly on large mixed residential/commercial projects, some very complex in levels.
    The great thing is you do not need any other software for the CAD/BIM side of things - from concept to construction it is so quick and easy and powerful.
    Enscape adds some icing to the cake.

    I thought this just worked...... but today its not.

    I am sure in other projects since 2.9, when I wanted to show a movie file as its surface I just chose the movie file as its surface and it worked.

    Am I imagining that?

    Using current Enscape and Archicad 25

    The best effect is to rotate the model, not the camera.

    Of course, I know that rotating the camera is easier to implement for enscape.

    However, the actual effect is better to rotate the model,

    Because, when you rotate the camera, the sunlight doesn't rotate and the shadows are fixed.

    If the model is rotated, the angle of sunlight is fixed, and the shadow effect is better.

    Could you not just tell the sun to rotate with the camera view as you can do in other cad software? Could be optional, as there may be some cases when you want the light and shade to stay constant (ie not move)

    As for just one view height, the camera sphere can be set as one rotation at one height, or many rings of cameras around the sphere, this gives a better 3D feel to the object as you can tip up and see over and under.

    Many many years ago we used to be able to create this, I cant remember if it was just in archicad, or if it was in artlantis (a lot of water has passed).

    At the time Apple updated their QuickTime to accept a file version that could show this and allow interaction.

    Now obviously we have USDZ (and the Android equivalent) , which has taken over from this in some ways?

    I do wonder if this is still built into QuickTime - It would be good to be able to do this 3D cheat once again.

    Enscape needs to implement a view ball, that you place over the object and set how many segments above, below and around you want to create between images.

    Thanks for the heads-up Paul.

    I just find it bizarre it can just drop its name like that.

    I will add my 2c's to the 'feature' request

    Ok, I know this has been brought up over the years (after searching the forums) but how can this not have been resolved, especially now with batch rendering???

    I have just done a panorama presentation of a house with different states of demolition and with the various options all setup as staging in 3Dvista - there were about 78 panos all together exported from Enscape.

    The downloaded file looses all reference to the original view name????? Why? How can this be acceptable 'still'? (or am I missing something?????)

    I had to go through all the different views and all the different subtle versions and work out which was which.......

    Surely this is such a basic requirement of any program???? and the info is already in there!

    I am hoping I am just being stupid and this can already be done, and am more than happy to be made a fool :D but I dont believe it is

    I love Enscape for its quality of render and pano export size, but I am about to embark on a huge project of 100's+ of panos, and this will be a deal breaker when choosing rendering software to be used.

    All help appreciated