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    Hey Everyone! I have just installed the latest release of Enscape v2.4.2.10 and was really excited to start populating our design model with content from the asset library. From launching the Asset Library tool in Revit I'm presented with options and make a selection for a specific tree that peaks my eye............ and 15 minutes later I'm still waiting able to write this post while already experiencing 2 Revit crashes previously when attempting to do the same process. Each time I tried a different asset from the library but came up with the same result.... revit crashing. Please let me know if you have some ideas on what I could do to resolve.

    My questions:

    • Is this a software compatibility issue?
    • Is this a broken connection with the asset library warehouse that appears to be getting piped in from a 3rd party provider?
    • Is there another add-in running in Revit that could be conflicting with the asset library attempting to communicate with Revit?

    Trying to get some visualizations ready for next Tuesday (3 business days from now) and would love to incorporate some of these items to what we make!

    Your time and consideration is very much appreciated ^^