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    $900 (floating license) a year is insane. what will be the price in 2022?

    vray charges $700 for their entire collection of 15 programs. not sure what you people were thinking but fire the big-brains who thought this was smart.

    I liked Enscape when it was just a small company. I was happy to pay when you guys first started out, Ive been using your program since the beginning. You guys are no longer the underdog, just another company looking to suck the blood out of its customers. I would love to vent my frustrations completely but ill just leave it at this....

    Canceling subscription.

    Would be nice to see this as a hotkey or attached to a mouse movement.

    This would allow for movement from exterior to interior fluid instead of having to break the immersion with clients by switching to a settings menu. Desperate for this!


    but it feels like most of what your write is just out of anger and pure frustration.

    Yes, after recent events were i lost business because the license server was not working. Consider this customer not a happy camper.

    while using capslock and borderline insulting us, how should that motivate anyone to really sit down and take it seriously?

    Hey, i need to get peoples attention, sometimes making a scene is the appropriate response, not another survey. Disgruntled customers are part of running a business. You cant make everyone happy all the time right?

    You are also kind of "threatening" us with your students

    the fact is i want your program to be better, it has potential. my students are currently using Lumion 10 now. i want to switch to enscape. It wasnt a threat but i was addressing mr. medmonds statment that he has 35 years experience. i am the department head of digital design at an interior design / architecture construction technology college with about 300 students. that is just a fact. i didnt address that to the escape staff or to anyone else in that statement nor did i follow up with any type of "or else". so dont take that as me "taking my ball and going home". its just saying, hey, i think i also know what i am talking about yah?

    I can work on venting my frustrations but please please work on some solution that does not leave you customers high and dry. its easy to feel like enscape is just another big company (bigger than mine) that takes your money and tells you to shutup and enjoy whatever comes down the pipe. sorry, i just dont do that. If there are legit criticism. like, we havnt seen updates to some simple quality of life features, but then there is an expansion to an entire platform like vectorworks. i think there is a legitimate criticism in that regard.

    so to peanut gallery, if you see someone who is angry, why piss them off further? why be so condescending? why tell them to shutup and that their reasons for being frustrated lack any kind of basis. If you dont want to make the situation better than why even respond? just move along.

    Blender devs are waaaay better.... and its free! if you want to compare these guys to autodesk, then i guess your standards are just lower than i can imagine.

    If enscape wants to focus on expanding to new platforms and not fixing basic problems with their software i guess thats their fault.... its pretty easy to bootleg this program, bet that sucks to hear. Twinmotion is pretty much going to destroy enscape, so really i am trying to help your boys from getting rekt.

    FYI... i teach about 300 students and decide which program they should learn... bet that also sucks to hear!
    if i dont see more updates guess who which program i am going to promote... not Enscape by autodesk. :)

    i appreciate spending the money to help the development of this program, but it feels like a complete ripoff to not see any progress. ive only seen a couple of things improve... libraries, and materials for archicad, oh and new skies. i would say thats pretty much it except for minor improvements to reflections.

    maybe you are ok with spending full price on a basic program or paying the development of platforms that you will never use. Not me. I actually hate it.

    im chill AF

    You put on an act like the software is broken and somehow your needs are sacrosanct. Like others have said better: chill.

    sorry for saying EVERYONE needs hotkeys in a computer program. serioulsy, enscape doesnt have hotkeys, name one program where you cant?

    enscape did have a render hotkey but they broke it by adding a dialogue box you have to check.... defeating the purpose of a hotkey.

    Lol. Hey tandem, there are plenty of software packages to choose from. Do you go and put the other forums on blast too? Am I 100% satisfied with where Enscape is currently? No, there are plenty of features I'd like to see implemented. Have I tried other software and found that Enscape has by far the best price/performance and best meets my needs? YES! Your needs are not unique, don't act like somehow you've been especially wronged.

    so i cant speak out why some basic stuff isnt in the program, yet being charged for full price?

    Immediate fixes needed:

    1. Add field of view hotkey

    2. add brightness / sun power hotkey

    3. OVERHAUL animation component. - making animatedwalkthrough is pure s

    4. Expand materials to allow for native Substance Materials - SBSAR

    5. Fix licensing. Allow for a dekstop and laptop to work on the same account. stop being greedy assholes, most companies allow this (i'm blaming business side not developers for this).

    6. REMOVE the extra dialogue box when rendering... , why do i need you to ask for "ok" again, and i cant even click on the program window to adjust, it was better when i could just hotkey render twice.

    7. DISPLACEMENT SHADER MATERIAL LAYER- does this even need to be mentioned?... seriously!!!! its 2020 and rendering software doesnt have displacment... wtf!!

    8 . animation information window blocks the entire viewport and doesnt have safe frames to see where you are pointing the camera. its bad people.

    sketchup lines in enscape...

    composite the hidden line drawing out of sketchup and composite into an enscape render.

    set sketchup 2d export to screen - match views in enscape and set capture to screen in enscape also.

    limited by screen resolution and takes extra steps to composite in photoshop.

    the lines were made in autocad and placed on the correct elevations.

    I was able to overlay sketchup lines onto an enscape rendering by setting sketchup and enscape output to "screen" and match view.

    its a really bad workaround because it takes a few extra steps and you cant make a rendering larger than your screen resolution (1080x1920) which is almost useless except for small thumbnails.

    it doesnt have 2 point but at least it kind gets a good massing model with dwg lines over layed.

    there are alot of features that just arent being addressed. The devs have switched from improving functionality of basic modules to expanding to new platforms like vectorworks.

    it would be great to be able to transition between interior and exterior views seamlessly. Its a real pain in the ass to have to click out of the screen, switch the slider and then click back. If we could key to a mouse 4/5 thumb toggle it would be pretty amazing. this needs to happen like in 2.2 version to be honest.

    Thanks for the hard work.

    It would be great if there was a better interface for switching licenses between computers. Yes, we can copy paste every time, but it would be great if there was a one click option to see where the active license is.

    it really slows down the work flow that it is only one seat. Corona Render was great because you could work on a laptop and a desktop at the same time.