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    I have been playing around with the new Materials (nice work!!) in Escape 3.1. Ive been using the .exe file with all materials to view the materials before importing into my project.

    I have noticed there are a range of materials that dont seem to import properly & do not look the same as the materials in the .exe. The ones I have noticed so far are the Shutter door mats, the perforated/embossed metal mats etc. Unclear why this is happening - is it just me?

    I notice after import, alot of them dont have a bump or base image/albedo applied. Even after applying these, they seem to remain flat. Left image is imported, right image is the enscape .exe file.


    We often use the collaborative annotation tool to do live issue management with our design team including MEPF and sometimes the Contractor.

    It would be really useful to be able to export all issues to a pdf report format that can be distributed to the team (particularly when parties are absent).


    We received an email from Archvision outlining the break from enscape. I am curious how this will impact users of both?

    The email wasnt entirely clear - does this have any impact on the built-in asset library? or will it only effect any content users create using archvision?



    So we use Enscape for regular walkthroughs with our consultant team & its fantastic but one thing that holds us back a little is an inability to 'color by discipline' or 'color by category'. Obviously enscape pulls material properties which makes this difficult. You could do it for EVERY material but its difficult to get it done across several disciplines. It would be great to be able to just apply a color to all elements of each model in enscape settings which overrides whatever the revit materials are with internal enscape materials that are solid colors etc etc. Or if enscape had its own Visibility Graphics that could override materials by category as it loads the model. It would a tangible value to our coordination meetings.