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    Pardon, could you kindly elaborate on that? We plan to add a lot more trees in general into our Asset Library, since they are all in 3D so far, I can also file a feature request to include 2D trees in the future. If something is missing regarding our tree assets, please kindly let me know as well. We're always open to feedback! :)


    As you know, in BIM software like Revit and Archicad, they have tree library that can represent both in 2d and 3d. The incorporation between 2d and 3d in BIM software is essential. It reduces working time for designing and organising. At the moment, if I want to use trees from Enscape, I only use it for 3d (visualization). for 2D, it is from archicad.

    What I mean is that if I place a 3D tree from Enscape into Archicad, the position of this tree must appear on 2d drawing. That is the ideal situation for what I suggest.

    Thanks you.

    thinhpham , anything specific you're talking about? :) Generally, we'll implement the dedicated material editor which is already available for SketchUp into ArchiCAD as well in the near future, so stay tuned for that. If there is anything else you'd like to see implemented, please kindly let me know.

    I have gone through our forum and I aware of everyone has indicated all the issues that we are encountering with archicad. Besides the material editor, it would be really nice if Enscape can incorporate with Archicad about 3d & 2d trees functions.

    I am looking forward to seeing the news.

    Thank you

    I know but trees in Assets library does not have 2D appearance. Might be in the end I will use it but in this phase we need to have the relation with floorplans.

    Anyway, thank for the advise. I will try see if it fixed.

    And how about the shadow, do you know what is happening?