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    Ignore below. It's working now. Did you guys change your license system/server since chaos took over?

    License was working fine yesterday , now its saying it is expired. Valid until 06/06/2022!!! How can it be expired then?

    I use 2 version of SketchUp for various reasons, and the license on SketchUp 2020 stopped working. The 2021 Sketchup is working fine.

    Thank you , need fixed ASAP!!!

    1. Any possibility of Enscape creating an ID Mask/Channel in the near future by using Sketchup's Tag/Layer designation? The result would be that colors would be created based on the layer/Tag on which objects reside.

    2. Also, a request for a separate ID Channel that contains emissive materials only.

    Both of these would help immensely in Post/After Effects workflows.



    There was a specific "AO" slider in the early releases of Enscape. Was SUPER useful. It was removed and integrated into one of the other "sliders", I think the Ambient slider. It's not as useful in the current implementation. Would be great to have the flexibility of having it back as an option....

    VR on MacOS is coming. I believe its just a matter of when Apple releases a "plug-and -play" ready solution for the Consumer vs the Developers (or their own headset). I would assume that Enscape could start exploring developing/porting for the Mac once they have the tools. It sounds like HTC hardware is higher on the list vs Oculus. So Enscape, start with HTC support on the Mac....;)

    Some good viewing/reading:

    I'm sure the following makes more sense to the Enscape Team:…nt-kit/external-graphics/…ac-vr-nov2018/mac-vr.html

    There are developers working on VR on MacOS and Beta testers, can't Enscape also start on this?…-htc-vive-egpu-support/30 (scroll to latest post)


    This sound like how IrisVR implements its "inital" launch of the VR experience (launching the model). You could scalethe model in Sketchup, and have a pre-built Sketchup scene that you bring items in to view (with a table) until it's an option in Enscape.

    Clemens Musterle , for companies with strict security/sharing protocols, uploading to the cloud will not be a viable option (if the cloud is on external non-company resources.) Is there a plan to provide a solution to this? Some sort of local/internal hosting?



    snowyweston, I had this happen and it was because I was using a Preview version and inserted an Area light and THEN later opened the file with a "Stable" version of Enscape (not supporting area lights). So it was a Enscape version compatibility issue.

    Once I deleted the area lights, no TDR error.

    hope that helps.

    I'm not trying to have it export "Scenes". I'm trying to have it Export Renders (Screenshots) from the various "Scenes" in SketchUp. The various "Scenes" have different Layers that tick on and off depending on the "Scene". The BATCH output is ignoring the layer changes as it moves through the "Scenes" to output the Screenshots.

    It respects the Layer changes if I do it manually (No Batch). Defeats some what the implementation of a Batch function....

    So in Sketchup 2017 and 2018 ( not sure about earlier versions ) using Escape versions,, and the preview, Batch Capture is not respecting when layers are turned off and on as it goes through various Sketchup Scenes.

    It actually seems to stay on the Layer visibility combination that is active, and when it goes through the Batch (and various scenes) it stays on that active layer set.

    The Enscape render window also DOES NOT update to reflect the current batch (layer combo) it is rendering.

    When the same Scenes are rendered manualy/individually using the "Screenshot (to File)" icon/tool, the renders created are correct (layer on/off states are respected). The Enscape render window DOES update to reflect the current Scene layer state.

    This seems like a major bug. Can your team provide some direction on this? Basically can't Batch various options in Sketchup (based on layer visibilty).

    This is using a 1080ti card, latest drivers. Also tested with Quadro K6000 card.



    Jonathan will Enscape run on a 2017 Apple MacPro running VMware Fusion? It would be only for still render visulization maybe some short animations (no VR). If i there is a performance hit that is ok. We have 2 1080ti PCs for that.

    It would be great to get Enscape on 15 Mac machines...


    Yup, some sort of selective reflection optimization would be great. We have been having to resort back to 3dsMax/Vray on some projects because of obvious mirror/reflection inaccuracies (that cannot be post corrected easily--and shouldn't have to be). I know on our end we could sacrifice some time for more accurate reflections.

    **This comment is for still render output. I know for realtime/VR it may not be possible, but make it happen for still renders.