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    I would like to bump this.

    I am using Enscape for creating digital twins of my projects, and it´s always the same problem. Using VR for checking does not make sense since the impression Enscape gives is wrong. The geometry appears too small.

    I think sliders for manually adjusting of the eye distance could do it. or to scale the overall scene. the best would be both, since the scene scale feature is something that other RT/VR apps already offer and is very good for architecture presentation.





    first of all, congrats for the new UI. It seems you wanted to make it look more professional and more efficient.

    while in generall you achieved that there are some things that are - excuse me - terrible for the workflow.
    I will need to revert to an earlier version unless this is changed again.

    you have added a viewport manager that replaces the manager with the previews.

    firstly it is extremely unefficient and unintuitive to not have the previews anymore. really the workflow was: going quickly through the previews and changing the view. now having only the names it is difficult to remember all views.

    secondly for some reason changing the view always has as a cosequence the view is exported from revit again. so you dont have the flight to the position we used to have. which in my case costs like 30 (!!!!) seconds every time. honestly, this kills the workflow. i now have to change the view position manualy which is of course inacurate.

    I think you did this to have the view tied to the revit settings. but this is really a deterioration.

    still, if i have overseen something or i am missing any information, i will be glad to have you correct me. because this is about my work efficiency.

    best regards,



    please consider adding a Pause/Resume Live-Update Button to the rendering window itself.
    In my modelling workflow I always need the Live-Preview, and when i need to do multiple modelling steps I usually turn off the update and resume it afterwards.

    Its a bit annoying sometimes to go to the submenu to do this. my workaround right now is to put the button on the quick access toolbar.



    Hi Aaron,
    I am at the wrong machine right now, so icant look up my settings. but you can simply look for the standard workflow for streaming the steam games via virtual desktop. if you manage to do that Enscape will work. there are no separate steps.



    Working in Revit 2020 it is not possible for Enscape to reach the server. So I am working with a watermark and cant access my assets!!

    In Sketchup everything is fine!

    I dont have a proxy server.

    when performing a connection test in the proxy settings menu the error says: connection with remoterserver cant be established. problem to access socket nr

    the same test performs alright in sketchup

    edit: i just found out that turning off the firewall in ms defender helps. anybody a clue which app to allow through firewall so it works? allowing revit doesnt solve it.




    which headset you choose depends on different factors.

    You should really consider getting the Oculus Quest. With the Quest you dont need any base stations for the tracking and you can have Wireless VR (with a not officially supported workaround). And even if the wireless feature is not important for you, you should prefer it to the Rift S, simply because with the link cable it works just like the Rift S and even has a better resolution.

    So the quest has the best value for money.

    the HTC headset should be good too and you can get a wireless adapter but this is an extra feature which costs around 400€.

    It is said the index has the best quality but they havent announced a wireless feature yet. and in terms of quality the quest is great.


    Hello Demian,

    thanks for forwarding this. attached you will find a concept illustration of how the menus could look like (if this is what you asked for).

    I suggest there is a separate menu for defining the line styles.

    then those line style are being assigned to the geometry by material.

    you can either apply the global settings to a material or chose one style.

    i forgot to add an option for outlines on/off in each material.
    maybe you dont even need a global setting, since it is being set individually.

    you should not set up the style for each material individually, because you might have multiple materials with the same style.
    and this would make copying very difficult.

    in sketchup the styles can be easily assigned in the materials menu.

    in revit you could either add a material menu or assign it - just like the grass - by name (LR = linerendering).

    Stucco White LR01

    Marble Grey LR02

    Wood Oak LR03


    or you go with the tags/keyword. in revit you can assign tags/keywords to the rendering material. so the user could add: LR01 / LR02

    Hope this helps.




    please include more features for the line renderer. this could help in achieving more realism without having to weld or round sharp edges.

    in order of complexity this should/could be:

    - transparency

    - color (globaly and material dependent)

    - irregularities (e.g. in continuity)

    - material dependent width

    - shaded/light angle dependent

    - round/weld edge shaded



    Hello Demian,

    I would like to address this topic again. having tried to achieve a convincing result I have to note that certain assets are not being scaled when using the tape measure tool. even with selecting all geometry and scaling manually dynamic assets will not be scaled.

    so scaling the geometry is no option.

    besides that a realistic immersion is achieved by setting a correct eye distance. so it would be helpful if you could implement a feature to adjust eye distance manually. technically this should be very easy. with that you could add the feature to be able to adjust the height of the character.

    I am writing this because, as mentioned above, it is essential for showing the VR scene to clients. a wrong impression of the scene, e.g. the room seems to small, can make a presentation worthless since clients will believe what they see.

    thank you


    Hello Demian,

    in case of sketchup it would be possible. this would require to scale the whole it everytime i want to see it in vr and then undo to have correct size again.

    if there is any global scale factor i dont know about, please tell me.

    in revit it is impossible. since the problem applies to both cases, it would be good to have a feature in enscape.

    this should not be to difficult. it should be solved with adjusting eye distance. as i mentioned in other engines it is done in realtime so you can scale the whole scene down to make it seem like a model. you should think of implementing that.

    thanks in advance



    can we get a feature to adjust the overall scene scale for VR views?

    The scenes (e.g. viewed in sketchup) seem too small and therefore not very realistic. Thats a big issue! I cant show my interior projects to clients that way.

    For exterior views its not so dramatic.

    In other 3D engines its possible to adjust that easily.

    That should be a global as well as a view dependent feature. it should be possible to adjust it in VR directly.

    Thanks a lot



    this topic is a big issue.

    last week i opened my model on another machine to quickly render out my views for a meeting, realising that the endresult is completely different. of course i knew about it but didnt have it in mind. we had been working for one week on a set of views tweaking the settings and now i had to redoit. i finally rendered them out via teamviewer.

    the only right method is that every single setting should be saved per view. the presets are ok. but we should be able to apply them to certain views.