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    this topic is a big issue.

    last week i opened my model on another machine to quickly render out my views for a meeting, realising that the endresult is completely different. of course i knew about it but didnt have it in mind. we had been working for one week on a set of views tweaking the settings and now i had to redoit. i finally rendered them out via teamviewer.

    the only right method is that every single setting should be saved per view. the presets are ok. but we should be able to apply them to certain views.


    Hello Jonathan,

    hello everybody,

    here´s the strange thing:

    after installing the preview version for the second time (i used the same install file) everything runs smooth as always!

    so here is my steps:

    1. i installed the latest stable version everything was running smooth.

    2. i installed the preview without uninstalling enscape. performance was very low. EVEN with lower settings than ultra.

    3. i installed version without uninstalling enscape. everything was running smooth.

    4. (today) i installed version everything runs smooth.




    I can confirm the severe performance problem appearing in the latest preview version.

    In the latest stable version ( the same scene runs very smooth.