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    Could you please also check the stability of this version?

    My computer is Alienware Aurora R7 with 1080 Ti - 11Gb. However, sometimes it crashes with only resolution 2560x1600. This resolution is never a big issue in previous version.


    In that case it would be great if you could briefly submit a feedback report and include your forum name in the submission from so that we know it's from you. Please also make sure that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed for your NVIDIA card. You can acquire the latest ones here. Maybe this helps already?

    I think there is another issue with the preview version is the texture size from Enscape material is not corresponding with the size from Sketchup materials. But in the measurement boxes of both are the same number. See my attached pics

    Is this behavior also reproducible with our latest release? If not, could you kindly send me the project at hand briefly?

    Having the same problem…

    Structural beams are in the same file as the architectural elements, but beams and columns only show up randomly… NOT fun, especially since I use a paying version of Enscape, and since I have the problem on 2 different PC's (laptop / desktop).

    Thanks for your post and welcome to our forum!

    In this case, is there any chance you could send over that project for troubleshooting / resolving purposes? You can, for example, upload the file to and send me the download link via PM, if that is possible. :)

    VIZguy , I received the feedback report - thank you very much. Looking at your machine information as well as the log files at hand, I cannot see any problems yet, so may I kindly ask if you've tried to lower the VR resolution of the Vive Pro already? :) That would be good to know; thanks!

    I suppose this texture also stretches over a large area?

    Currently, textures get automatically down scaled to 4k x 4k. I recommend you split the object into four areas and apply a corresponding split texture to each area accordingly. This way you'll have four areas each with a 4k x 4k texture and the results should be better in the renderer itself.

    This is a known problem. Will be fixed with our next preview, the outline behavior should be resolved as will with the upcoming version. We can't for sure say when this preview update will be released, but it will be soon (next upcoming 1-3 weeks). :)

    In the first instance, since you're still using Enscape 2.4.2, could you kindly upgrade to our latest release 2.5.2 , as described here? Let me know if that does not resolve this behavior.

    I modelled a ramp for cars. This geometry is smoothed of course.
    In the render however the in this geometry used triangulations gets represented with oulines - How can I avoid this?

    Just to make sure that this is not caused by a bug from our side, any chance you could send us the modeled ramp? If you follow Gadget 's advice, maybe that also helps already? Thanks in advance!

    Hey bigben20xx , thanks a lot for your post - what you're seeing there is something called fireflies.

    This behavior should improve when you're standing still for a bit, but, reducing the light intensity and / or size, of emissive surfaces should already help. In that case you could also populate the project with line lights (or any other Enscape lights for that matter) instead. Generally using light sources instead of emissive surfaces to light up your project should reduce these fireflies. :)

    I'm generally a bit confused about the project. Do you only want to have one light source in that project? I also can't see what's going on exactly in the second picture, is this one huge emissive circle I'm seeing?