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    Hey EGIE , thank you for your further message.

    Let me know in case I'm missing something, but you should be able to achieve renderings with the same perspective/output as long as you input the corresponding resolution from the original rendering(s) in the Capture tab of Enscape. I would also advice to select your views directly via Enscape itself, so, "Manage Views" -> Click on the view you like -> Create a rendering. Still, make sure that resolution is the same! :)

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Hey @M Squared Arch , I've sent you a link to download an older release of Enscape accordingly. Furthermore, @Alyeska , @M Squared Arch and @Strikey , if this problem is reproduceable, no matter in which project, it would be extremely helpful if you could let me know and you'll receive a special version of Enscape from me in which this issue may have been resolved already. Your help would be very valuable to find out if it's actually resolved! :)

    EGIE , would you like me to file this as a feature request? :) Anything you wanna add to it? As Gadget mentioned, there is also a feature request on our agenda allowing you to define Grass height and area by texture, so if you wish, I can also add a further upvote to that topic. ;)

    Hey cboivin , this could very well be a normal behavior.

    Sometimes some objects in your project are not being displayed in reflections. This is due to the fact, that generally, only elements which are visible on screen can be rendered in full detail in reflections. In your case, it looks like there is a floor and wall missing in the reflection, (because they are not visible on screen) so that is why you see the skybox.

    If it's possible, you can gladly send me the project at hand and I'll check if this is not due to an issue with Enscape. :)

    dray , thanks a lot for your submission. With "time-of-the-day slider", are you perchance just referring to the ability to generally change the time of day, or are you referring to an Ui (user interface) element? :)

    Furthermore, maybe you've loaded in a skybox and activated "Use brightest point as sun direction":

    This will effectively disable the ability to manually set your time of day, because the sun position is then fixed to the brightest point on the skybox.

    Hey Lemarchal , thanks for your response. With export you mean uploading the panorama to our cloud, or "Save panorama to file ... " ? Would you be so kind as to elaborate on that a bit further and if you receive any error messages trying to upload the panorama to our cloud, let me know what it says please.

    Also, in case you're able to upload a panorama to the cloud, but as you mention "It won't load" is there a chance you could send me a link (URL) to the panorama, and does switching do another browser help with this behavior?

    Hey EGIE , thanks for your post. ;)

    The sun slider generally regulates the brightness of the sun and affects the contrast of the sun shadows. If you've activated "Auto Exposure" and even set the Sun brightness to something high like 400%, the scene should get rather bright, but not overexposed. Also, generally, if you'd rather like to just insert a value for our sliders instead of using your mouse, let me know!


    But as soon as I use a HDRI light (you call it SkyBox), there is not the slightest reaction between black and white anymore.

    Pardon, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that, could you kindly elaborate on that a bit further?

    Finally, I strongly recommend you check out our latest preview, as we've just implemented a "Highlights" and "Shadows" slider. The "Highlights" slider scales the visibility of bright image regions to partially increase or decrease the image contrast, the "Shadows" slider does the same, with dark image regions. Might this already be sufficient enough so that you don't have to use Photoshop for post processing purposes? :)

    Also, if you have any further questions or in case something is still unclear to you, let me know!

    Hey alexjemalc , thanks a lot for your inquiry. :)

    Excuse me if I'm missing something, but comparing the microwave rendering done in Revit with the preview output of Enscape, I can see that the textures actually seem to be applied in Enscape, if you look at the clock and buttons/menu for example:

    In that case, would you be so very kind as to send me a further rendering from Revit alongside a screenshot of Enscape again, from a scene/perspective in which I'll be able to see the mentioned missing materials? Also, a screenshot from the corresponding Appearance tab (in the Material Browser) of a material which seems to be missing would be great as well. That would be very kind and helpful, thanks a lot in advance! :)