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    Themeda , sorry to hear about this problem! You should be able to create new threads in the Vectorworks area too, can you re-try and let me know in case you're still unsuccessful? In any case, I have also moved your thread here accordingly.

    Furthermore, check out this in-depth guide for our new Custom Asset functionality:…dgebase/custom-asset-lib/

    If any specific questions arise, let me know anytime!

    hi everyone!

    - is there any way better to organize the asset library?

    when we open it, we go direct to the biggest folder (all asset) and make the asset window goes slowly . i think we can be approach smaller classification to improve the speed and experience as well.

    sorry my English is not my best.

    truong thanh , in general, when it comes to improving the speed of thumbnails/Assets loaded, simply make the whole Library available offline (bottom right):

    This way the loading will be pretty much instantaneous. If you'd still like to see further improvements being implemented, let me know and I'll forward it as feedback. :)

    That really depends on your preferences mostly. And also, what is your budget even? Do you like a smaller or larger monitor? Do you perhaps want to connect two together so that you can thus improve your workflow, or would one be sufficient to you? :)

    Also, a curved monitor is more of a preference thing too - some like it some do not. Overall I would say it can make gaming/Enscape experiences more immersive, as well as movies, how suitable it is for the likes of SketchUp (for modeling etc.) I'm not entirely sure, but it's not like you could really go wrong with that either, it would still be a monitor of course.

    i think the issue come from the it's own GPU and drives, a topic from our community showed that many people got the same issue when they used 1660 GPU.

    It would then still be great to receive a feedback report as mentioned. Have you also made sure your Enscape is up to date? In any case, the feedback we'll receive itself will be of great help to resolve this problem accordingly in case you haven't sent anything in yet. :)

    Thanks for your post. In previous releases before we implemented the ability to save settings into the project itself, all the configurations were only found in the documents. But, since it's now possible to also save settings and such into the project itself, and into any directory you like, those settings will not be found in the documents folder anymore, depending on the user of course.

    So in that sense there could for example be a dedicated folder, perhaps located on a network drive, where users can save their settings. Then, they can easily import them whenever needed.

    In that regard summed up: Some settings are saved in the project, some other settings are saved somewhere else on the hard-drive and have to be imported. Let me know in case this system is not ideal for you or in case you want to share any further feedback.

    samb , our developers are aware of this behavior - there is no solution to this yet besides rendering the panoramas in "Normal" which should be sufficient for most smartphones. There will be an update in the future to also allow the display for "High" quality panoramas, but just not yet. :)

    Good questions!

    - About how much space does the current library take?

    About 4.9 Gigabytes

    - If I check the "offline assets" checkbox, will new assets download automatically? If not will I even see the "online assets", and how will I be able to download them also?

    You have to re-download the Asset Library again. The idea is that you can have a fixed version of the assets for your project (or company-wide) and that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

    - If I uncheck the ‘Offline Enscape Assets’ checkbox, will everything I downloaded be erased and need to be re-downloaded if I re-check that checkbox?

    No. The Library is still saved offline, so you can just click on "Use Existing" after un-checking and re-checking the "Offline Enscape Assets" box.

    That is not yet possible - but, as an alternative they may instead use an Xbox controller (not the HTC Vive controllers). Also, sometimes having a pre-defined path or watching a 360 degree video while moving can lead to nausea, especially in people who haven't really used VR much or at all before.

    The alternative would be having multiple panoramas created - perhaps one for each room or such. Although I am not sure what the project looks like of course and if that would be suitable. :)