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    Thank you but i tried it and complex final scene take a very long time on computer with slower CPU. And you could be generating profit from those who do use render farm.

    The rendering are not just one shot but 50 or even 2h animation videos or longer as these are for student in the animation, architecture sector.

    Its very important and perhaps you need to ask. :)

    I'll add your additional feedback too, thanks! :)

    Just wanted to report that 3 times in a row, ArchiCAD crashed when I tried to change the folder that the Captures are saved to....

    Guess I need to leave it where it was for now.

    Sorry to hear about that DGD-Duane . This issue should only occur with ArchiCAD 23 - in this case, kindly adjust the directory where you want to save the renderings to via ArchiCAD 22, and let me know in case this procedure doesn't help. Again, sorry about this inconvenience and thanks in advance for your feedback.

    I would love the ability to use booleans while filtering out the asset elements in the browser. For instance, I am looking for scene clutter under accessories, but I know I don't need Office, Rug, or Toys - which cuts 50+ items from the list, making searches faster, especially since the tags aren't always 100%.

    This ties into this thread.

    Thank you - I'll forward your and Gadget 's feedback accordingly of course.

    Thank you both for the feedback which I'll gladly forward as always of course - right now, videos have to be uploaded to YouTube beforehand for example, then they can be easily attached with a reply. So far, our Forum does not support adding Videos natively, but this may also very well change in the future. I'll forward that inquiry as well! :)

    parkeroubre , please kindly make sure that you're using the latest graphics card drivers provided by NVIDIA. If that doesn't help, then lowering the "Rendering Quality" in the Visual Settings -> General tab probably helps, right? Which Quality have you setup generally to be used with Enscape VR? :)

    Since RTX support has just been enabled, outdated graphics card drivers could explain the worsened performance - please keep me posted!

    rfirkins , sorry to hear about that. So in this case you experience this even when the experience is very smooth performance wise? Did this occur after installing our latest update or also before?

    Rookie mistake to install the latest update 2.6 without reading the forum. Enscape consistently crashes Revit when it tries to start in 2019. At least they are consistent with providing faulty updates every time. Why don't you thoroughly beta test before releasing? How do I roll back my version to 2.5? I have a VR Deadline and I am dead in the F$#@ing water right now. Someone owes me a coke.

    That should not happen of course - once you have the time, please kindly send in a dedicated feedback report with your log files.

    Do you experience this with our latest release update 2.6.1, or also/only 2.6?

    I've sent you a PM regarding where you can acquire a previous release of Enscape. Before sending in feedback, you may wanna make sure that your graphics card drivers and windows is up to date, as this may already help with the crashes.

    I haven't heard about this issue myself yet, is there any chance that you experience this in other VR applications besides Enscape VR too? I suppose that is what you mean with "Running well through steamVR"?

    Generally, a feedback report from your machine would be great - if you could send in one as described here, that would be fantastic. The log files may very well give us further hints as to why this is happening.

    Hey jnurnberger , thanks a lot for your report. I'm sorry to hear about that.

    In this case, please kindly check out the following article here:

    It seems that the build in Intel graphics chip is being used instead of your dedicated GPU which is causing this problem. Once you've disabled the Intel chip, or made sure that your GPU is being used instead, and you still receive this error, kindly send in a dedicated feedback report with your log files for further troubleshooting.

    Hi jpedstrand ,

    Unfortunately the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) does not support OpenGL 4.3 which is needed to run Enscape.

    Hardware accelerated OpenGL (that's the one your graphic adapter provides) is only available locally. If you use Remote Desktop, your application can't access the hardware accelerated OpenGL and it will end up using Microsoft Generic OpenGL Software Renderer as a fallback.

    This is the way Microsoft built it, but they are working on it, so maybe it will be supported sometime in the future.

    Sometimes my glass looks great and others it does not. Whats the best practice for glass in Enscape? I assume you want a solid an not just a 'fake' plane. What diffuse color should we use? I know some engines like pure black.

    Both a plane, or a solid (for solids make sure to that each face has the glass material applied) should work just fine.

    Have you already tried something like the following:

    When the Opacity is set to 0,0% anyway, it doesn't matter which Color you've selected.

    You can also gladly go into more detail as to why your Glass doesn't look as good as expected in the project(s) of yours. :)

    This is something the community could provide. There's someone already doing it for Revit.

    Perhaps Enscape could help the community by putting the community created files for download on the official website?

    Well, the corresponding thread I've linked could be pinned for example and the new files could be added, or we could maybe create a forum thread where I could share the links so that everyone can see it - but this is of course not something we're asking our customers to do, I imagine that most are usually busy with other more important things too. :) Still, that may be an idea.