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    Just noticed the unfortunate news that the most recent version of Enscape no longer supports SketchUp 2017. Since I'm unable to upgrade to a newer version of SketchUp, I'd like to know the most recent version of Enscape that does support SU 2017 so that I can download it from the Version History page. Thanks!

    Welcome to our forum and thanks for your inquiry! You should actually be able to use Enscape 2.7.2, so our previous release accordingly. Let me know in case you experience any issues.

    Hi Ralle , in the first instance, please uninstall Enscape, then reboot the machine, run the Enscape installer again and in the first window of the installation process, where you will see the checkbox named 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement' make sure that is checked. This will enable the Advanced button which you should then click to proceed to the next window which will offer you the option to install for all users of the machine.

    Please kindly get back to me in case this procedure does not resolve your issue at hand, in that case it would be great to receive your log files from that machine:

    Enscape main plugin log files:


    Revit plugin log files:


    Thank you very much in advance!

    I also need IES for Rhino. I'm a lighting designer, sometimes architect would give me a rhino model, now I need to convert it to a sketchup file to make renderings in enscape. Sometimes I would make some complex lighting installtion models in rhino, then convert it to sketchup to show real lighting effects, which is time-consuming, just because enscape can load IES only in sketchup. Original light objects in rhino are too limited for lighting designer to show real lighting effects that we wanted. I would be very happy if enscape for rhino has IES lighting function.

    Welcome to our Forum, I have gladly forwarded your inquiry accordingly as well.

    Thanks a lot I will forward your request. Let me know in case there is anything else you want to add to it. :)

    Thanks for your report!

    In the very first instance, could you upgrade to the Preview Version 3 which is now available? You can download the preview via the usual page you've used before to acquire your current preview. :) Let me know if that doesn't help.

    About 5-6 weeks ago it was working fine.. there havent been enscape updates in that time. Could you tell me the correct codecs to download to windows media player?

    You could download a codec pack which should do the trick for Windows Media Player. But, from a performance perspective in general the VLC Media player is just more capable from the get go - is there a reason you cannot use that player, if not, I would advice doing that. :)

    My apologies for the late response - and welcome to our forums.

    I cannot reproduce this behavior with our latest version Enscape 2.8.2, so in the first instance could you please upgrade to that release if you haven't already?

    Should that not help, please send me a few screenshots of your Material settings, right next to Enscape when you then see these mentioned behaviors. It could also not hurt to receive the project itself if possible, but screenshots foremost would be very helpful.

    That may then not look very realistic overall though, I will still gladly forward it as a feature request. Still, so you have already turned down the Wind Strength in the Atmosphere tab to something like 5-10%, but you simply also want to use some clips where the time of day is static, do I get that correctly? At least in the meantime you could of course adjust this setting before exporting clips of choice depending on how much you want the trees and vegetation to move.

    Thanks Egie. This looks like to be perfect for single export of individual scenes with perfect control over size and aspect ration. Batch export seems to be a different process all together so for that we will continue to create scenes via Enscape preview window, unsynced and batch render with sync off.

    Still looking for a way to set the Enscape preview window to a certain aspect ratio - any way this is possible?

    That is not yet possible, but should be soon, since this is planned to be available when using the Video Editor. (By displaying the safe frame)