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    On the flip side. text being visible would absolutely ruin us. We do all annotations within the 3D model, and having to hide those would be possible, but super annoying. I'd like the option of rendering text but please don't make it mandatory.

    Noted your feedback as well, thanks.

    natascha.bortnik , this behavior can be normal but I wasn't able to reproduce this straight away - definitely also make sure that your graphics card drivers are fully up to date and acquire the latest ones either via the AMD or NVIDIA homepage directly. If that doesn't help, does it help if you get closer to the mirror? Do these artifacts lessen or disappear?

    I'm just about to render 20 panos for what is probably the 10th time on this project and I currently have 5 more similar projects underway and more on the horizon so......

    Can we have batch pano rendering in a future (near future hopefully) release? Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top :)

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that this would be a useful addition indeed and it should only be a matter of time actually until batch rendering panoramas is possible. I can't make certain promises just yet but I will bring this up again in our next developer meeting to check the status of this.

    Sorry to hear about that, it would definitely be great to receive the feedback report from you once the crash prompt comes up another time. Same from your side Paul Russam , not entirely sure if you have already when it comes RTX toggling itself on - I have not been able to reproduce this problem myself I'm afraid so it would be great to check out your logs!

    Adam.Fairclough thanks for the reference image that really helped me.

    can you please suggest what graphic card capacity should be ideal for large scenes and huge vegetation so that rendering can be handled easily without glitches with less rendering time.

    You can go with any GPU starting from a GTX 1660 / GTX 1660 Ti and the further you go up, to the RTX 2060 / 2070 / 2080 (Super or non-Super) and upwards the faster videos/renderings will be created, but even with a GTX 1660 / GTX 1650 (or even lower if it would have at least 2GB of VRAM, although more is recommended), you would be able to work with Enscape just fine. In larger scenes, you can always reduce the rendering quality as well if performance suffers.

    Muhosty , of course - the key can always be moved from one machine to the next. You just have to deactivate the license of yours first to activate it again on another machine. :) You can disable/reactivate the license via the General Settings -> Licensing tab. Let me know in case you have any further questions!

    Do we need to "install" the one we want to use each time, I mean only install 3, install 2.9, install 3 for each switch without previous uninstall?

    Yes. We even advise uninstalling the release/preview(s) you have on your machine before installing a different version. Is there any particular reason for why you'd have to perhaps re-install different versions of Enscape? :)

    Adam.Fairclough , thanks a lot for your report. :) Pardon if I'm missing something but, of course when you remove the keyword from a SketchUp material in question the keyword will not have any lasting effect anymore. This is why we can also recommend simply setting up your material type of choice through the Material Editor directly instead rather than using keywords. Kindly let me know if I'm misunderstanding something!

    As has been mentioned now above already, please make use of the Enscape Material Editor especially to tweak your colors of the materials however you like. While live updates are enabled you will also see the changes instantly. The SketchUp viewport will indeed not really be that close to Enscape visually because of complex lighting completely lacking (global illumination, sun/sky light) etc. which all changes the appearance of colors/materials in general.

    Some enscape items not rendering properly. Is this a bug you are working on? Just noticed after downloading the latest version of enscape for sketchup.

    Thanks for your post!

    All Enscape Assets should be rendered properly - you are using SketchUp, correct? Because in that case, I will move the thread into the proper category.

    Furthermore, if some items are not loading properly, can you send me a screenshot of that behavior in Enscape? Or in case if they do not load at all a screenshot is not required, then we'd love to receive a dedicated feedback report with your log files which would be very helpful for troubleshooting the cause behind this.