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    Please stop making 'self-illuminated' PNG completely white in Rhino rendered view. As soon as PNG becomes Enscape self-illuminated, it becomes completely white in Rhino's 'rendered' view. It doesn't happen when PNG is Rhino's own 'self-illuminated.'

    When there are several illuminated PNGs in the model, it becomes very hard to see which is which in Rhino's view.

    Thanks for the report and pardon me for the delay - I'll investigate further and will forward this to our developers as well for further analysis. You'll hear back from me once I have further news.

    Hi Dev Team - I would prefer Enscape batch export with file names based on the view name in the design file rather than present batch rendering naming schema. As is, the user has to manually rename dozens of exported images. This would automate previous images of the same view name to be automatically overridden, and therefore automatically update references in the design file.

    Please let me know if you require any clarification or other detail.

    Thank you Phil. I know this has been requested before, so please also forward it to our product managers through your name of course. This way they'll see the further demand for this as well.

    Dear enscape team, in the process of using version 3.3-3.4, we always encountered various annoying bugs, such as software lock, flash back, crash and so on. We hope to use stable enough software for our actual project design work in the future

    If you experience these issues with our latest preview as well, feel free to also always submit a feedback report to our technical support team. I know you're aware of functionality of course, but frequent amount of crashes are not normal and we'd like to troubleshoot them further. You can also use said feedback report to submit any bugs you still encounter in Preview 12. Thank you tas_1985 .

    Hello all, I seem to be having problems with my renderings glitching every time I start enscape. I have attached pictures. This started randomly happening 2 weeks ago, but now it happens every time. I haven't messed with any setting and tried restarting my computer. I have attached pictures. Sometimes textures will appear in patches, but a lot of stuff will also disappear if I zoom in even a little. Everything is blurry and it just looks bizarre in general

    All the help is gratefully appreciated

    Right away, does your machine (still) meet our system requirements? Also, does this occur in even a completely new scene with some models, or do you experience this only in a select scene? If so, does it help if you reduce the model/project to only a small part? Perhaps you've loaded multiple scenes into one project?

    I'm using sketchup 22
    the first photo is the ies that is having a problem, the second is the same ies in the old version

    I've the same problem although I've adjusted the angle of the light source, I'm using Revit 2022.

    Thanks a lot for all the examples - I've forwarded this behavior to our developers accordingly to look into.

    I'm not installing anything else besides Enscape and this pop-up window always shows up when I install it.

    Just to make sure, did you try restarting your machine as well? Perhaps you could check your Task Manager as well for perhaps any ongoing .MSI installers being active? Does it make a difference if you acquire and try installing Enscape again using the installer found here?


    I have the same problem and I can't understand how it happens, I installed the helpers for my graphic card and it didn't work

    Just to make sure, does your system meet our requirements in the first place? Does this behavior also occur with some Assets from our Asset Library? If so, kindly also submit a feedback report with logs as detailed here to our technical support team which will be able to look into this further in detail.

    Version 3.5.0-preview.12+97341 has a problem when I put ies, it's not getting according to the lighting cone and it's not getting the configuration.

    Thank you for the report - Which CAD solution(s) are you using with Enscape and can you please share a few screenshots of this behavior? The IES files I've tried to use seem to be working correctly. So, if possible, feel free to also attach some of your IES files too (after putting them in a .zip file for example).

    Thank you, your license has also been reset.

    When I launch enscape, and change the time of day (shift+rightmousebutton drag), Enscape freezes for +20 seconds (sometimes a full minute). After that Enscape wakes up and I can start changing the time of day. Subsequent time of day changes are faster.

    Tested in Revit 2023 and all Enscape 3.5 preview versions.

    We'll investigate accordingly - As it really never hurts, can you also submit a feedback report with logs? In case anything is going wrong here we should be able to analyze that via the provided logs. How large is this specific scene in which this occurs and/or does this happen in any scene of yours generally?

    I'm afraid, these intel onboard graphics are not sufficient enough at all to run Enscape successfully I'm afraid. You can always also refer to our system requirements here for reference though.

    Technically speaking - since it's running the same software, and using the computer for processing - is there any reason the Quest Pro would be better than the Quest 2? I guess it comes down to screen resolution if refresh rate and processing is all handled by the computer/GPU?

    The Quest Pro is arguably more comfortable and offers the better screen solution. I'd advice looking into some comparisons to see which one may suit you better, but since everything is indeed handled on the computer, be aware that you may also require an even faster machine to fully utilize the Pro model compared to the Quest 2. Still, you should also always be able to adjust both/or either the resolution and refresh rate to save some performance.

    Architecture Outfit , while we haven't had the chance to try Enscape with the Quest Pro, especially since we do not offer complete official support for any Quest device yet, it should still work but we cannot make any definite promises. The Quest 2 on the other hand has already lots of reviews here in this Forum alone and seems to be working just as it should.

    Further to answer your second question, with both Quest 1/2 (potentially the Pro too) as long as it's tethered to your main machine that supports Enscape either wired or wireless you can navigate the scene fully using the controllers as well.

    I hope that helps!


    Demian, in case someone else asks you about this, here's the temporary solution that I found. But it also raises new issues. I am using Sketchup 2021. I don't want to upgrade as I don't want to go through the painstaking process of downloading all of my plugins again. So I'll wait until late 2023 or 2024 before I decide to upgrade again. I've been keeping up to date with the Enscape updates, but somewhere down the line when I updated I lost the ability to utilize the material library. Fast forward to a couple of days ago, I updated to the latest version of Enscape 3.4 as of Jan 31st, 2023 and I lost the ability to open medium to larger files in Enscape. Once I realized it was crashing on several models during the loading phase, (something that was not happening a week ago) I uninstalled Enscape 3.4 and started working my way back to previous versions. I found Version 3.2.0 works to allow me to open these larger projects and I also discovered it allows me to fully utilize the material library. HOORAY. With that all said, I think it's a real shame I can't use the latest version of Enscape. Especially when I just renewed this product several days ago. Maybe using Sketchup 2021 is the issue? Maybe not. Either way, I think from now on I'll stay several versions back on updates.

    Have you alongside downgrading also forwarded the feedback report as inquired? :) We should be able to still resolve this after troubleshooting your logs even in our current releases, so please make sure to simply send one in, as we'll still receive the log files from 3.5 too. Thank you again in advance.

    Caddman13 , I appreciate the response.

    I wanted to hereby also inform everyone here that our latest preview which is gonna be released very soon will remove the requirement for Steam + SteamVR when using the Quest or Quest 2 - You will be able to only have the Oculus app running and make use of Enscape. This will just be added into our preview so far, but you may still want to give it a shot.

    Otherwise we'll of course also include this in our full release of 3.5. I'll add another update here once the preview is out.