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    Looking forward to the update at the end of the month, are you still on schedule? As we can't update to the latest version of Sketchup this update is more pressing than ever.

    We had to delay the official release a final time for some final fixes and quality of life improvements. You are already able to acquire version 2.0 here, but we cannot fully guarantee yet that there won't be any problems, so if you wish to try it with SketchUp 2023.1 and do have the time to re-install the previous version if running into any issues please feel free.

    You can expect the official announcement and further updated version including bugfixes in around less than two weeks.

    Please bear in mind that this update is only compatible with M1/M2 based models at this point and we do not reccomend upgrading otherwise.

    Unable to send asset C:\Users\szhang\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\Assets\Data\b2ee84dc-a17f-439c-8696-b0ad3d2f0eb3\b2ee84dc-a17f-439c-8696-b0ad3d2f0eb3.gltf to renderer: c8556ef4120939ff5774d03af688be9e7.

    WARN | API Error: CreateModelFromAssetFile: IO error (No error)

    I am opening a rhino file created by other people. when starting Enscape, there are many many message log printed similar to above sentence. What does it mean and how do i fix it?

    Welcome to our Forum.

    Please kindly also submit a feedback report including log files as detailed here, ideally whenever you experience any issues during the start of Enscape, or when running into crashes/freezes.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Hi alessandroj , thanks for your question - To make myself more clear as per the solutions shared via Autodesk, I should've rather called it "re-upgrade".

    "Re-upgrade model: If the model was recently upgraded from a prior version, re-upgrade the model from the prior version (for example 2023, 2022...) to the 2024.1.1 (or later) version."

    In any case thanks a lot for updating me and I'm glad to hear this issue is resolved for you now, minus the remaining error message of course which shouldn't persist much longer.

    Hello robertdolson, and thank you for your inquiry.

    You can still create complex materials using the Material Editor as detailed here in our dedicated knowledgebase article:…e/materials-mac-sketchup/

    Feel free to also check out this blog post here if you wish to acquire some high quality textures that should allow you to create the materials you like to see in your projects. In the future you can also import/export those created materials, further detailed in the linked knowledgebase article above too.

    I hope this helps!

    Our developers are of course working on these problems, but for now there is no specific estimation yet as to when all fixes will be implemented. I'll share further updates once I'm able to, and will notify everyone in this thread once they are about to be added with an upcoming service pack or preview.

    To further add to this last part of my previous post, we're now inching closer to implementing the fixes we were working on.

    Some of which should also find their way into the upcoming service pack Enscape 3.5.4 coming out around the middle of next week particularly in regards to Rhino crashing alongside when the default layer is hidden (which can take a while) and Enscape is closed during that process.

    The long update times when making use of layers will still persist in especially larger scenes, but we're of course in the process of adding a fix for this as well. I'll share another update once I have more specific details available.

    Hi Callmecatbread , thanks a lot for your report.

    Right away, could you please let me know if those executables have been exported using our latest release ideally? And if that wasn't the case, could you please try so as well?

    If that makes no difference or you're already using 3.5.3, is there a chance for you to share the project itself so that we can try to reproduce this ourselves? Should it not be possible to share the project itself at all, then perhaps the standalone files themselves?

    Let me know and if you're able to, you can use and send me the provided link to the files through a direct message.

    Last but not least, feel free to make very sure once more that the Visual Settings are completely the same, ideally matching those of the executable which works, and I reckon you're able to also include the "problematic view" in one .exe standalone alongside without further problems?

    Hi there _nique !

    Thanks for your inquiry - ArchiCAD 27 is planned to be added with our upcoming service pack 3.5.4 coming next Wednesday! :)

    Stay tuned and please report any issues or share your feedback accordingly afterward!

    Hi PupHaus , welcome to our Forum.

    Thank you for the report - Right away, does this persist perhaps with a different mouse as well? I reckon it should not boil down to a problem with the mouse itself, but still worth trying if you have another lying around.

    If that doesn't make a difference, please also check the following Input settings:

    Should any of the sliders deviate too much (besides from the height reference) from the standard setting seen above, please reset them accordingly.

    In case you're still unsuccessful with resolving this, please also submit us a feedback report with log files as the next step, simply including a link to this thread for reference in the feedback's submission form before pressing Sent.

    Thank you again in advance for your efforts.

    Hi someclouds , and welcome to our Forum.

    Please right away make sure to update to our latest version of Enscape for Mac, which should already do the trick - Just in case it does not, please also let us know. In that case you may meanwhile downgrade your SketchUp 2023.1, to SketchUp 2023 without the service pack applied, which should not be necessary though.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation and any further replies.

    Hi Duane Renderboss , my colleague hast just sent you a reply accordingly.

    So in essence, please make sure you've checked out all the details in our "Set Proxy & Firewall" knowledgebase article here, as some security software on your machine may still be blocking the connection, alternatively also the Windows Defender which could be responsible too.

    If that really makes no difference at all, it would also be good to know if you're successful running Enscape with a previous version.

    The object I used in my previous project done using older version of enscape, to be more specific version 3.3 are not visible in Version 3.5.2. I can actually see it in my revit file but not visible in my enscape. But if I use the online version of the same object, it becomes visible. That's the problem

    Thank you for the response.

    So you are not referring to any objects from our Asset Library itself?

    In any case please also submit that feedback report and ideally also attach a screenshot alongside with a further reply here so that we see this behavior directly - Thank you once more in advance.

    Hi aminadan , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our Forum.

    Currently the Video Editor has not been implemented into Enscape for Mac yet but will be in the future, as we're still striving to achieve feature parity as soon as we can. If you haven't already though, feel free to also upgrade your version via our latest installer which can always be acquired here.

    Please I am experiencing another problem. The library object in my previous work done with enscape 3.3.1 is not visible in the current 3.5.2 version please what should I do

    Are you talking about a specific object from the Asset Library or all of your previous assets not appearing?

    If it's the latter, please also try the following:

    Re-acquire the library by deleting the folder "%temp%\Enscape\Assets" and restart Enscape accordingly.

    You can also find the folder via this path: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\Assets\

    This may get rid of this behavior, if it does not, please kindly submit that feedback report with logs to our technical support team:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Feel free to also let me know once submitted.

    As we do not process trial resets via the Forum anymore, please kindly also get in touch with our support team via the Help Center, and/or in case you experience any issues with Enscape (not starting, crashes, freezes) itself you can also always make use of the Feedback button to submit a report including log files:

    How do I contact Support?

    Hi Xprex studio , welcome to our Forum.

    Please navigate to the Enscape General Settings menu in your CAD, then disable the following options before restarting Enscape:

    - Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing


    - NVIDIA Shadow Denoiser

    - NVIDIA Global Illumination Denoiser (Enscape 3.5.3 and above Only)

    These features should be disabled by default, but just to make very sure, they'll have to remain off as the GTX Series GPU currently installed in your workstation does not support these features within our software.

    If the behavior persists following completion of the above troubleshooting, please let us know and provide a fresh set of logs via Enscape’s Feedback Button.

    In general, whenever you experience any problems like that with Enscape (not starting, freezing or crashing), it's best to submit a feedback report right away since doing so transfers all the information we'll require.

    Does anyone have a fix for this? This is steady happening to me and it's super annoying! Pls let me know! :archicad::*

    @Demian Gutberlet

    Welcome to our Forum.

    In this specific regard kindly try the following which helped other users prior:

    Could you please perform a clean installation of Enscape and your NVIDIA GPU (Game Ready) drivers?

    To perform a clean uninstall of Enscape, please:

    - Navigate to Add/Remove programs in Windows.

    - Uninstall Enscape by using the 'Uninstall' button

    - Following the completion of the uninstall, please delete the following directories:




    C:\Program Files\Enscape

    Then reinstall the latest version of Enscape for all users as described here.

    To perform a clean install of your GPU drivers, please follow the steps contained here.

    If that doesn't do the trick, then please also kindly submit a feedback report including log files as detailed here with a brief description or a link to this thread in the feedback's submission form.

    Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation!