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    hi there,

    same issue here. i have very long loading time for a project when i try to use enscape 3D version 3.4 , and then it crash.

    i don't have that issue with 3.3

    my sketchup project has some imported "linked models".

    when i'm trying to open it, it takes forever to open and then crash directly.

    then, because i was thinking it might be due to the linked models, i tried to open the project without linked models into it, and it opens but it's very slow. it takes really long time to load textures. on the screesnots below, i drew some arrows where the textures takes really long time to load (it's not only textures from assets but also some random textures (the wood from the platform in the water)

    If i try to open some linked models one by one, i noticed that one linked model makes to crash my enscape right away. so i thought it might be the linked model capabilities that has issues in version 3.4, but it also crash if i open it directly into sketchup and not as a linked model. i don't know if it's due to the edges and faces into that model but it's not a large file at all. in version 3.3 there is no issue to open it. it's very fast.

    when my computer crash, i also often get such an error message, saying about i'm using GPU from NVIDIA.

    my GPU is more than capable (RTX 3080 with latest driver's update), and it works perfectly under enscape version 3.3

    see the screenshot below, with the message i get concerning my GPU. it mentions something about Vulkan stuff.

    I hope this can help to fix anything buggy.

    My last screenshot i posted is to show you the same model under version 3.3. it works perfectly fine and you will see it's not such a big model as i put all details in other files that i link afterward. but in version 3.4, this same small project crash right away with the same error message.

    I hope this can be fixed as i don't plan to remain on version 3.3 forever, but due to some deadlines with my work, i have for now no other solution than downgrading to version 3.3 again.

    I did already send some feedbacks this morning, including logfiles.

    hi everyone,

    I'm having loading issues as well in 3.4, will have to downgrade to 3.3 as i can't wait a solution to deliver my project.

    In my case, it seems like enscape 3.4 has issues when using "linked models". i find the option of "linked model" in enscape beautiful as i can load an entire residential area as a proxy box under sketchup and still see it in details in enscape, but under 3.4, the loading time is truly a pain in the ass, which makes it unusable.

    after an hour waiting, it still didn't load a single linked model. that was not an issue under 3.3