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    With the release of Enscape 3.5 came the option of Asset Model Variants and as well as Asset Material Options and Asset Material Albedo changing. Are there plans to bring this to the Custom Asset editor?

    This would make some serious progress for us in using Enscape and creating Custom Assets. I would request that any future updates, like these also get mirrored in the Custom Asset Editor and workflow.


    If you really want this, then material/Object ID is probably not the right route.

    The issue is the ID pass is a solid and currently ignores transparency. Maybe a toggle, but the issue I see is if you have a transparent object and it is enabled then you won't get IDs for anything seen through the glass. Now for better results you need 2 outputs for each ID to get most of the IDs, but would fail still if you have multiple transparent objects lined up.

    True break out of the render data using something like Light Path Expressions is probably the best approach.